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Located in the thriving izakaya-filled back alleys southeast of Yoyogi Station, Haretoke offers a fantastic sake list and a menu heavily focused on meat, and horsemeat in particular. You can choose from more than a dozen cuts of horse, or go for a pre-selected five- or three-part assortment of horse sashimi. They also serve a horse sushi platter, horse carpaccio and deep-fried horse.... [Continue reading]
Although this may look like dozens of other casual French bistrots around town, the chef's impressive cooking skills and culinary creativity are several cuts above average, and help Abbesses stand out from the crowd. Ordinary-sounding dishes like pate de campagne, roast lamb, and salmon en croute are executed with confidence and flair, and showcase top-notch ingredients. The wine list.... [Continue reading]
The mood at Mister Happy is festive, to say the least. The floor staff are relentlessly cheerful, telling jokes, leading toasts and pulling small pranks on unsuspecting customers. But this is more than just a boisterous izakaya - behind the hijinks, Mister Happy is a serious sake bar, stocking an impressive selection of more than fifty different sake from around the country, with a.... [Continue reading]
Central Tokyo's only Bulgarian restaurant, Troyan offers an exotic menu of eastern Mediterranean dishes like moussaka, kofta meatballs, and cheese-filled filo pastries along with Bulgarian wines. The fare here may be closer to home-style cooking than fine dining, but there are a few standout dishes waiting to be discovered. Portions are impressively large, prices are reasonable, and the.... [Continue reading]
A casual neighborhood drinking spot, Sukha offers a variety of "Latin cocktails" such as caipirinhas and other cachaca drinks from Brazil, Peruvian pisco cocktails, liquorice-flavored aguardiente from Colombia and assorted Mexican tequilas. They also serve simple, home-style dishes like lomo saltado (Peruvian beef stir-fry) and choripan and Cuban sandwiches, but the food is really.... [Continue reading]
Hinai-jidori is a flavorful heirloom-breed chicken from Akita Prefecture, and it's the main ingredient on the grill at this Akita-based yakitoriya. But there's more than just fantastic chicken here at Abeya - this is also one of the best sake bars in the area. The restaurant has even set up a separate bar area called "Akita Pure Rice Sake Dining" to showcase their sake offerings. .... [Continue reading]
A compact menu of oysters and seafood starters is served in Iki's stripped-down dining room, where the design aesthetic is industrial loft meets dockside fishmonger. You can choose from seven or eight oyster varieties at any given time, and there's a daily oyster pairing for you to compare and contrast flavors. The drinks list features oyster- and seafood-friendly sakes, a few white.... [Continue reading]
Dasenka is a cozy, charmingly quirky basement restaurant that serves excellent Czech and Eastern European fare. You can feast on stick-to-your-ribs dishes like Moravsky Brabec (slightly fatty Moravian-style roast pork), Bigos (Polish "Hunter's Stew"), Bramborak potato pancakes, and Smazeny Kvetak (cheese-stuffed cauliflower fritters) - all of them highly recommended. Pickled mushrooms,.... [Continue reading]
A proud member of the ever-growing Moto group of sake-tasting bars, Sobamae offers a well-curated list of craft sake, with plenty of seasonal, limited-edition specials. And for your dining pleasure, the kitchen specializes in tempura - we enjoyed some nicely prepared hamo eel and corn-onion kakiage during an early-summer visit - along with soba, sashimi and small sake-drinking.... [Continue reading]
If you're familiar with the 440 Broadway Tex-Mex food truck usually parked outside National Azabu supermarket in Hiroo, this is the first non-vehicular venue run by the same management. They're open all day long, with both in-store seating and take-out service, offering burritos and bowls, quesadillas and nachos, and tacos made with white-corn tortillas. Burritos and burrito bowls are.... [Continue reading]
While it may look like any of hundreds of other late-night, super-cheap izakayas, Rocky Kanai serves surprisingly good food at very budget-friendly prices. Tender, fatty charcoal-grilled "black pork" served with yuzu-kosho is a specialty of the house and is a perfect drinking snack. Other menu highlights are the grilled beef tongue and the cilantro-smothered pork dumplings, and even.... [Continue reading]
This Orange County-based Cali-Mex eatery specializes in fish tacos, but they also serve a range of burritos, salads and bowls. The "wet burrito" (Y890-1050) is a pleasingly hefty regular burrito, stuffed with a very simple filling of mostly meat and shredded lettuce and topped with melted cheese and spicy red and green sauces. The green sauce - a cilantro-mayonnaise infusion - is.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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Run by the Sazaby group (Afternoon Tea, Shake Shack), Ibeer offers a line-up of ten Japanese craft beers on tap and a diverse food menu. Although it's not the most cutting-edge selection in town there are usually at least a...
Run by a veteran of the esteemed Fire House burger shop in Hongo, Folk Burgers offers one of the best selections of craft beers among Tokyo's gourmet burger shops. The burgers are solid and reliable, made with American...
Small in scale and stylishly appointed, this charming little drinking spot has a more comfortable, intimate feel than many of the larger beer bars in this part of town. Ten taps of domestic craft beers are supplemented by a...
Craft Beer Tap carries a selection of mostly German, Czech and Belgian beers on tap along with some unusual craft beers from the US and a substantial bottled selection. They're worth knowing about for their late-night hours...
The Delirium Cafe chain of Belgian beer bars imports their own beers, and this central-Akihabara branch showcases brews from De Dolle Brouwers in Essen, Belgium. There are ten beers on tap as well as a huge assortment of...
Run by German beer importer Zato Trading, this spacious beer hall offers traditional German fare and five draft beers from Hofbrau Munchen brewery in Munich. The two dining areas seem to be optimized for after-work beer...

Where in Tokyo

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The popular twentieth-century writer Fumiko Hayashi (1903-1951) was best known for her autobiographical novel "Vagabond's Song" and "Floating Clouds." Her tastefully appointed home, where she lived with her husband (the...
Japanese printmaker Yozo Hamaguchi (1909-2000) was perhaps the most renowned mezzotint artist of the twentieth century. This small private museum exhibits sixty of his works, and has frequent shows devoted to the work of...
From the early 1700s up until 1962, when the Port of Tokyo began major redevelopment work, the shoreline in this area was the source of some of Japan's finest nori. There are still a number of nori wholesalers located here,...
One of the few museums in the world dedicated exclusively to printmaking, this spacious and well-curated museum has amassed a collection of some 30,000 prints from around the world, some dating back to the eighth century....
After a three-year hiatus for renovation work, Tokyo's premier contemporary-art museum finally reopened in March 2019, incidentally giving a boost to the handful of small independent galleries that have gathered in the...
Setting themselves apart from the other cat-focused gift shops in Yanaka, Neko Action sells original artwork and cat-themed craft items such as ceramic figurines, t-shirts and nihonga-style painted stones. There are also...

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