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Tokyo curry shops generally fall into one of two categories - either brightly lit, spartan counter shops with open kitchens, or more comfortably furnished and attractively decorated cafes with individual tables and hidden kitchens. Good Luck falls squarely into the second category, with art on the walls and a nice panoramic view out over the elevated walkways of Takeshiba's waterfront.... [Continue reading]
"Modern Mexican cuisine" is the promise at MAYAluz, where you'll find a range of mostly Tex-Mex favorites along with a handful of south-of-the-border dishes and tequila cocktails. Everything is made with high-quality, fresh-tasting ingredients and is beautifully presented, a cut above most of the Tex-Mex spots in town. The Mexican steak is a highlight of the menu. Tender chunks of tasty.... [Continue reading]
Have some fusion takoyaki fun at Kindaco, where they've invented a lineup of tasty "neo-takoyaki" creations inspired by European and Asian cuisines. The blue-cheese takoyaki and green-curry takoyaki are our favorites, but all the variations we've tried have been distinctively flavored and well executed, with tender chunks of octopus at their heart. Other takoyaki varieties are topped.... [Continue reading]
Grilled-cheese "melt" sandwiches are the specialty of the house here, and the Blue-Cheese Melt is especially recommended. It's got just enough blue cheese in the blend to give it some bite, but not enough to be overpowering, and the bread is properly grilled with a good amount of butter. Regular cheese melt and bacon-egg cheese melt are among the other options, as are burger-melt.... [Continue reading]
Inspired by the popular Halal food carts of New York City, this tiny take-out shop serves platters of grilled chicken over rice and gyros. You can choose from more than a dozen platters such as Coriander Chicken over Rice, Tabouli Chicken over Rice, and Cheese Falafel over Rice. Gyros (Greek-American-style flatbread sandwiches) come in half a dozen varieties, stuffed with chicken or.... [Continue reading]
Hasegawa offers an excellent selection of craft sake from smaller breweries around the country, including many smaller, 720ml-size bottles. This is their third incarnation inside the gates at Tokyo Station, and it's slightly more spacious than before, with one corner devoted to a rudimentary standing bar. .... [Continue reading]
One of Yokohama's more famous local purveyors of curry rice, Burg is best known for their "Stamina Curry," made with grilled pork belly and your choice of a raw or fried egg. The roux is mildly spicy, the pork is tasty and satisfyingly fatty, and the egg provides the "stamina" while balancing out the flavors. It may not be flashy or modern, but it's quite solid in its execution. Other.... [Continue reading]
Offbeat drink-friendly fare seems to be the specialty at this unpretentious basement drinking spot, with dishes like Hakata-style grilled chicken skin, truffle-infused gyoza dumplings, raw-horsemeat dishes, spicy noodles and a Mentaiko of the Day. Everything we've tried here has been solid - our gyoza were properly crunchy and flavorful, the "Grown-up Potato Salad" was suitably hefty, and.... [Continue reading]
Like other soup curry shops in town, Rakkyo Brothers offers standard curry bowls and some unusual variations, such as their cheeseburger-inspired Gouda Cheese and Hamburg Steak. If you're especially hungry, their ambitious Rakkyo Special is a bowl chock full of chicken, pork, shrimp, scallops, eggs and eight vegetables. The kitchen's most novel innovation, however, is the introduction.... [Continue reading]
Charcoal-grilled yakitori skewers are the mainstay of the kitchen at this mini-izakaya, but there's much more to explore on the quirky menu, from cheese-covered grilled Spam to natto-smothered fried tofu. Standard yakitori fare is quite reliable and often inspired, with simple items like bonjiri (chicken tail), chicken tsukune and deep-fried garlic cloves well executed and attractively.... [Continue reading]
This award-winning curry specialist (the name means "Curry is a Drink") offers two specialties - a European-style Pork Black Curry and a more Indian-influenced Chicken Red Curry. Each comes with however much turmeric rice you like (from a small portion to extra-large) and three toppings, with choices like fried onions, mayonnaise-heavy potato salad and soft-boiled eggs. The black-curry.... [Continue reading]
Game-meat dishes and craft sake from Saga set Lungo apart from the crowd here in the izakaya-packed basement of the Otemachi Park Building. In addition to the usual counter seating, the restaurant provides a large standing area with tables next to the kitchen, a convenient setup if you just want to pop in for a quick drink and a snack. The meat-focused menu features venison, boar,.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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Forty craft ciders from Washington State cidermakers are served at this spacious waterfront bar-restaurant, along with brick oven-roasted meats and vegetables. Only one of the ciders is on tap (the other 39 come in cans and...
Brooklyn Brewery, now partly owned by Kirin, has opened a large Tokyo "tasting room" where you can sample freshly imported Brooklyn beers as well as some that are brewed here in Japan by Kirin. The ten beers on tap include...
Don't be confused by its ground-floor location - Beer Cellar Sapporo is the first Tokyo branch of a highly regarded subterranean craft-beer bar that's based in Hokkaido's capital. The standing-only bar is nestled among the...
J.S. Lennup has been serving German beers and food under the Hibiya Yamanote train tracks since 1978, so it's only appropriate that they should take their place in Hibiya Okuroji, the flashy new under-the-tracks shopping...
This retail liquor shop started out specializing in British wine, but they've since expanded their stock to include a good assortment of craft cider and perry (pear cider), imported from Britain, France and the US. The...
Craft beers and gourmet coffee are the main draws at this all-day cafe-bar, supported by a solid menu of artisanal sausages and charcuterie snacks. Seven taps dispense beers from a handful of local-area breweries, including...

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This massive outlet mall reopened in Spring 2020 after expansion and remodeling, and it now houses more than 150 outlet shops and restaurants. Sportswear and fashion brands like Armani, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, Eddie...
Small Worlds Tokyo is an essential destination for anyone who loves elaborate dioramas, massive European-style model-train layouts, or the Sailor Moon or Evangelion anime franchises. Open since June 2020, it's advertised as...
The robotic 1960s anime star Astro Boy (known as Atom Boy in Japan) now has his first permanent Tokyo shop. Here you'll find exclusive Astro Boy merchandise, souvenirs in all price ranges, a special-event space, and a...
Visiting the Good Design Store is like a trip to a design museum, except everything here is for sale. This specialty design shop carries a diverse array of household goods, stationery supplies, toys and random products, all...
With more than 230 shops and restaurants, this is one of the biggest and fanciest outlet malls in the Tokyo area. The "park" portion of the name comes from Tsuruma Park, a newly developed facility right next to the mall. ...
Taiwan's coolest bookstore and lifestyle shop has created a unique "hub for cultural exchange" in Nihonbashi. In addition to selling books, stationery and miscellaneous goods, the shop incorporates a workshop zone with...

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