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California-style Thai cuisine is the intriguing specialty at Gin Khao, and we found it a nice change of pace from the Bangkok street-stall fare that's more usual for Tokyo. In addition to tom yum kung and curries, they offer entertaining cross-cultural dishes like Thai-style sriracha-glazed Buffalo chicken wings and spring rolls with a good helping of ripe avocado. The wings are.... [Continue reading]
Codename Mixology serves inventive, wonderfully oddball drinks, and just might be our favorite cocktail bar in Tokyo. The bartenders make use of fresh herbs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, artisanal and home-made spirits, and science-lab techniques from the world of molecular gastronomy to deliver some truly amazing creations. Just browsing through the menu is an adventure, as you.... [Continue reading]
This lively after-work izakaya specializes in the cuisine of Kita-Kyushu, with an emphasis on seafood. It's a great place to try out interesting regional dishes like seared mackerel sashimi, mentaiko (spicy cod roe), and Yawate-tennabe gyoza (very tasty pork dumplings grilled in an iron pan) along with local sake and craft beer. The assorted sashimi platter is usually a good place to.... [Continue reading]
A combo sake retailer and standing bar, Asano is a great place to try before you buy, with more than 130 different sakes in stock. Or you can just drop in for a quick tasting flight and perhaps discover some new favorites. Everything here is ready to taste, in sensible 45ml pours so you can try a few at a time. Sake tastes better with food, and Asano offers a well-prepared selection of.... [Continue reading]
Siam Heritage serves excellent traditional Thai cuisine in a gorgeous dining room overlooking Tokyo Station. The spicy dishes here are complex and well-balanced rather than just fiery, with a wide-ranging menu that includes chef's specials and seasonal ingredients. A recent meal started off with a bit of table theater, as our server presented a collection of seven freshly prepared spices.... [Continue reading]
Small dishes and noodles from China, Southeast Asia and Japan are served with craft beers at this very multi-cultural establishment in Tokyo station's restaurant complex. The atmosphere is lively and the food is tasty and well prepared, several cuts above your typical noodle-shop fare. Popular dishes include shrimp wontons, lamb sui-gyoza and other dumplings; mini banh mi pinchos; and a.... [Continue reading]
Run by Yokohama's excellent TDM 1874 Brewery, this stylish retail outlet and bar serves as a tasting room for their beers as well as an all-purpose liquor store, with sake and wines for sale in addition to beer and cider. There's a small but well-assembled selection of snacks to go with your drinks..... [Continue reading]
Midtown BBQ's wagyu brisket is one of the finest barbecue dishes served in Tokyo, and it's worth ordering in advance when you make your reservation. Other barbecued meats and burgers are also very good, while side dishes like mac 'n' cheese live up to the same high standard. The bar's handful of taps dispense a good selection of craft beers, many from Nagoya's Tall Boys Brewery and.... [Continue reading]
This starkly minimalist taproom and bottle shop is the first Tokyo branch of a popular Kyoto bar run by an importer of European craft beers. They are equipped with five taps for draft beers and cider, or you can choose from around 150 canned and bottled beers from their extremely well-stocked refrigerators. Swedish beers are heavily represented here, including dozens of unusual beers.... [Continue reading]
Located in the thriving izakaya-filled back alleys southeast of Yoyogi Station, Haretoke offers a fantastic sake list and a menu heavily focused on meat, and horsemeat in particular. You can choose from more than a dozen cuts of horse, or go for a pre-selected five- or three-part assortment of horse sashimi. They also serve a horse sushi platter, horse carpaccio and excellent deep-fried.... [Continue reading]
Abeya's special ingredient is an heirloom breed of chicken from Akita Prefecture called hinai-jidori, known for its flavorful meat. They also serve a nice selection of craft sake to go with your chicken. Budget around Y5,000 for food and drink in the evening. At lunchtime the menu features their own gourmet take on oyako-don (chicken and egg over rice), priced from Y1,080. .... [Continue reading]
This mini-branch of one of our favorite Belgian beer bars sits at the Yoyogi end of Southern Terrace; convenient to Shinjuku station but sufficiently removed from the bustling crowds. And while the interior may be petite, you can enjoy plenty of fresh air out on the 72-seat terrace when Tokyo weather cooperates. The food menu features excellent grilled platters with premium meats like.... [Continue reading]

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The fridges are filled with hundreds of exotic imported beers at this third retail branch of a Tokyo-based beer importer. Unlike the first two standing-bar branches of Beer Ma, this one has seating, in the form of three...
The spacious, stylishly decorated basement lounge in Citan Hostel offers a wide selection of exotic imported craft beers in cans and bottles as well as numerous wines by the glass, all in a quiet, very relaxed setting. ...
Brooklyn Brewery's spacious Tokyo tasting room, located in the sprawling basement of a boutique hotel in Kayabacho, is one of the nicest craft-beer bars in town. They offer a big selection of freshly imported Brooklyn beers...
A new branch of Craft Beer Market is always a welcome addition to Tokyo's beer scene - you can count on a wide and varied tap list, decent food and good prices. This outlet is located in the stylish Tokyo Torch Terrace...

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This intimate jazz club has been an important part of Tokyo's jazz scene since 1974, moving to Shibuya from their previous Omotesando location in October 2021. There's a full calendar of live music with shows every night -...
Open since June 2019, PARCEL showcases up-and-coming Japanese and international artists, typically in month-long shows. The main exhibition area is a two-level space just to the left of the entrance to the DDD Hotel, but...
If you can't get enough of Pepper, the odd-looking humanoid robot often found lurking in SoftBank shops, now you can visit a cafe staffed by an army of Peppers. There's a crew at the cafe's reception desk to greet you, and...
Do you love looking at architectural models, but simply can't spare enough time during the day? If so, then this late-night architecture-model cafe might be just the place for you. Wander around the spacious interior and...

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