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If you're looking for a good Korean egg-sandwich shop, TEgg.42 Premium Toast (pronounced "tegu yon-ni") is well worth checking out. They offer several egg-based sandwiches (Double Cheese Bacon; Egg, Ham and Cheese; Double Egg and Cheese) as well as shrimp-avocado, crab-mayonnaise, spicy chicken and pulled pork. Super-crunchy fried chicken is served as a side dish. Sandwiches are.... [Continue reading]
Specializing in the cuisine of Mangalore, a seaport city in South India's Karnataka state, Bangera's Kitchen serves excellent contemporary Indian cuisine with an emphasis on coastal seafood dishes. The extensive menu is filled with regional dishes that are rarely found in Tokyo Indian restaurants, and they also offer a range of original herb- and spice-infused cocktails. Breads and dosas.... [Continue reading]
Billed as a "yakiton drinking spot," Ginbuta serves a good variety of grilled pork parts and organ meats on skewers, along with grilled vegetables and spicy organ-meat stews. Service is friendly and the atmosphere is very down-to-earth, with baseball uniforms providing a decorative theme for the spacious dining room and J-Pop playing in the background. There's a standing counter if you.... [Continue reading]
Hokkaido venison burger is one of the unusual soup-curry main ingredients here, and it's a tasty change from the usual chicken. Ponipirika also distinguish themselves from the competition with their soup options - you can choose from the umami-rich wafu-style soup (with katsuobushi and dried mushrooms), a very savory shrimp-based soup, or regular tomato soup. Even the regular version is.... [Continue reading]
This ambitious new Modern Mexican restaurant on the Takeshiba waterfront serves a very different menu from most Mex and Tex-Mex spots around town, specializing in grilled meats and seafood, stews, ceviches and numerous regional snacks and side dishes. The head chef, Victor Vasquez, is a former executive chef at the Mexican Embassy, and noted mixologist Naoya Otake has designed a very.... [Continue reading]
This friendly standing bar showcases twenty different sakes from Toshimaya Brewery, a western-Tokyo kura with a distinguished 400-year history. Sake is served in 30ml, 60ml and 100ml sizes, so it's easy to put together your own tasting flight, or challenge yourself to try them all. There's a fairly extensive food menu, much bigger than is typical for a bar like this. Daily specials.... [Continue reading]
One of the better-stocked international grocery stores in town, this spacious second-floor shop carries a wide range of prepared foods and ingredients from Thailand. Shop for fresh vegetables and tropical fruits, spicy sauces and fermented fish elixirs, fresh herbs and packaged spice mixes, shrimp chips and cookies - it's all here. At the front of the shop is a section devoted to Thai.... [Continue reading]
The charcoal-grilled yakitori and seasonal side dishes here are accompanied by impressive fresh and grilled vegetables. One specialty of the house is chicken skin that's been marinated for three days, then charcoal-grilled five times to painstakingly burn off all the fat. Nagoya-style chicken wings, deep-fried, then coated with a sweet sauce, are another crowd pleaser. Denbei's drinks.... [Continue reading]
Located on the third floor of the Starbucks Reserve Roastery, Arriviamo is a very pleasant place to stop in for a cocktail or two. The decor is stylish (the building was designed by architect Kengo Kuma), with a spacious terrace area offering a nighttime view of nearby Naka-Meguro. The bouncy background music is lively but not so loud as to impede conversation. Most important though,.... [Continue reading]
Yes, it's a theme restaurant located inside an amusement park, but don't let that put you off - the Southern-style shrimp dishes and baby-back ribs are tasty, the atmosphere is lively, and prices are quite reasonable. It may not be the most sophisticated dining experience that Tokyo has to offer, but it's a decent meal and a nice taste of American cuisine. The Shrimper's Heaven platter.... [Continue reading]
Tomizawa Shoten (aka Tomiz) carries an impressively wide range of baking supplies. We've never seen so many varieties of sugar or flour in one place, and there are dozens of different kinds of dried fruits and nuts and honeys to explore. They've got their own lines of spices and cake decorations, and an aisle full of cooking utensils, pie sheets and other necessities for home.... [Continue reading]
If you're ever in Ushigome feeling hungry and nostalgic for American diner food, Hotdog Stand Homeys is there for you. Their grilled hot dogs are quite large in size and they're well prepared, with a good bit of snap to them. Milkshakes come in classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, and there are also root-beer and other ice-cream floats. Diner staples like chili fries,.... [Continue reading]

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La La Chai serves Thai food and craft beer, with a half-dozen taps dispensing beers from breweries like Y Market (Nagoya), Black Tide (Miyagi-ken) and Yatsugatake (Nagano). The food menu features lots of grilled meats and a...
Run by a popular chain of fish specialty restaurants and bistros, this mini-brewpub in the Kanda Square complex serves craft beers along with a decent selection of sake and some wine by the glass. It's officially a standing...
DRA is a stylish standing bar serving craft beers, unusual cocktails, pizzas, grilled lamb skewers and other meaty snacks. Twelve taps dispense craft beers like Modern Times Orderville Hazy IPA and Neko Nihiki from...
Sixteen freshly brewed craft beers from the Itabashi-based brewery are served on tap here, alongside a food menu featuring chicken wings, burgers and pizzas. Sometimes in odd combinations - one of their more...
Forty craft ciders from Washington State cidermakers are served at this spacious waterfront bar-restaurant, along with brick oven-roasted meats and vegetables. Only one of the ciders is on tap (the other 39 come in cans and...
Brooklyn Brewery, now partly owned by Kirin, has opened a large Tokyo "tasting room" where you can sample freshly imported Brooklyn beers as well as some that are brewed here in Japan by Kirin. The ten beers on tap include...

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Put together your own Tokyo architecture walking tour with this index of notable Tokyo buildings by architect...
Visiting Starbucks Reserve Roastery is a far more interactive and immersive experience than simply going to a coffee shop - it feels more like a trip to a coffee-themed amusement park, with different attractions on each of...
The Cubar Lounge on the fourth floor of Tokyo Dome's bowling facility is a dimly lit and somewhat more relaxed setting than your usual bowling alley, with a full-service bar, comfortable sofas and original artwork by artist...
BankArt Station, spread out over 1,500 square meters inside Shin-Takashima Station, is the largest of several Yokohama galleries run by the government-supported BankArt 1929 arts program, and it's probably the best venue for...
Mask Dot Com is a specialty shop selling stylish face masks for everyday wear, with more than 200 varieties available. The store offers the services of a mask concierge to help you choose based on your wardrobe, or of...
Small Worlds Tokyo is an essential destination for anyone who loves elaborate dioramas, massive European-style model-train layouts, or the Sailor Moon or Evangelion anime franchises. Open since June 2020, it's advertised as...

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