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With just a handful of choices, Sapporo Dominica might not have as wide a menu as some of its competitors, and their bowls may not be as vegetable-laden as others, but the kitchen here turns out first-rate soup curries with high-quality, well-prepared ingredients. Chicken, pork, Hamburg steak and vegetable are the options for main ingredient, while the umami-rich soups come in your choice.... [Continue reading]
We weren't surprised to learn that Joto was a top-prize winner in the fiercely contested Kanda Curry Grand Prix. While their Japanese curry is fairly orthodox in style, it incorporates fresh, high-quality component ingredients, assembled in flavorful combinations and carefully prepared. Tonkatsu-spinach is one of the most popular curries, and the generous helping of spinach does a good.... [Continue reading]
One of several banh mi shops in this part of Takadanobaba, Ngon Ngon also serves pho, and they're furnished with fifteen seats if you want to eat here rather than take out. There are six sandwich variations to choose from, and the ones we've tried have a nice variety of ingredients, good meaty flavors and crisp vegetables. Full-size sandwiches start at Y550..... [Continue reading]
In the hyper-competitive world of soup-curry shops, one thing that sets Suage apart is the high quality of their ingredients. For example, their succulent stewed-pork kakuni is made with "Lavender Pork," an heirloom breed of pig from Furano, Hokkaido, prized for its somewhat sweet, intense flavor. Other curries feature grilled Hokkaido-raised lamb and heirloom-breed Shiretoko chickens.... [Continue reading]
Carvaan is one of central Tokyo's few proper Middle Eastern restaurants (as opposed to informal kebab shops), and their kitchen turns out some very good dishes, although they can be inconsistent. The dining room is nicely appointed and has a lively atmosphere at dinnertime, and service is cordial and personable. It might not sound very Middle Eastern, but the Arabian Burger is one of.... [Continue reading]
Nagoya boasts a number of regional dishes that are more popular with local residents than non-Nagoyans, and ankake spaghetti is one of the stranger ones. It's basically a plate of pan-fried spaghetti, topped with chopped vegetables in a potato starch-based gelatinous sauce. Although it's common enough in its home city to be served in numerous specialty restaurants and even sold in.... [Continue reading]
The scrumptious fried chicken at Karaage no Tensai comes in three color-coded varieties - red (spicy chili), white (shio-koji) and black (flavored with a "secret" dark soy sauce). The large chicken pieces are all thigh meat and are freshly prepared, with very juicy meat inside a crunchy outer layer that's refreshingly ungreasy. The black variety seems to have a slightly more intense.... [Continue reading]
This third Tokyo branch of the excellent South Indian restaurant chain is quite a bit fancier than the first two - there are booths and real dining tables as well as counter seats, and the inexpensive multi-curry sets are supplemented by garden salads, mixed-grill platters and eight different dosas on the big a la carte menu. There are still some very budget-friendly options though,.... [Continue reading]
Established in 1957, the main branch of Sungari has been serving caviar, Russian delicacies and vodka to several generations of Tokyo diners. This newer second branch (located in Shinjuku 3-chome since 2019) offers pretty much the same menu of both traditional and modern Russian cuisine, along with Russian beers, European wines and twenty types of vodka. The cozy dining room has a homey.... [Continue reading]
American-style sushi comes to Tokyo at this Sangenjaya branch of the Brooklyn-based Taro Sushi. If you're wondering about this distinctively American cuisine, it's broadly based on Japanese sushi, but incorporates ingredients like soft-shell crab, Alaska salmon and avocado, often livened up by spicy sauces. Uramaki-zushi, the so-called inside-out roll, is a popular serving style, with.... [Continue reading]
A cozy izakaya located directly in front of Yoyogi-Uehara station, Marche offers a nice selection of seasonal craft sake at very reasonable prices. Sake-friendly dishes like miso-marinated avocado and pickled burdock root are ready to complement your drinks, or if you're up for a full dinner there's more hearty fare like charcoal-grilled Iberico pork, stewed beef tendon and spicy.... [Continue reading]
Kiiro is a comfortable local izakaya with very good food and sake. The sake list showcases well-chosen craft sake from small breweries around the country, and it includes a good number of special seasonal labels, which the staff can help you navigate. Portion sizes for food are larger than at a typical izakaya, so this is a good place for group gatherings. The food menu is simple and.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

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With its traditional wood-beam architecture, old-fashioned snacks and laid-back atmosphere, this long-established standing bar is a fun place to stop in for a glass of sake or a Belgian beer. The main sake list features...
The half dozen or so German-style craft beers on tap at Schmatz are probably the most interesting brews you'll find in the Grandberry Park shopping mall. This mini-branch of the popular German chain, located in the middle...
Run by Kiuchi Brewery, the sake brewer behind the popular Hitachino Nest beer brand, this dining bar is devoted to craft spirits, craft beers and premium beef and pork from Ibaraki Prefecture. Drinks options include ten...
A stylish, cozy backstreet bar located six or seven minutes from Kawasaki Station, Tokaido Beer's taproom is a pleasant place to drop by for a freshly brewed beer or two. Brewmaster Satoshi Tanoue serves four year-round...
This branch of the very popular German bar-restaurant offers a full menu of sausages, schnitzel, risotti and pizzas. The seven taps dispense original German-style craft beers and German imports, priced from Y650 a glass,...
Run by the Craft Beer Market chain, Beer Boy is a rather basic standing bar serving ten taps of craft beer and a simple food menu. The taps are roughly split between more commonly found, budget-friendly domestic craft beers...

Where in Tokyo

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The robotic 1960s anime star Astro Boy (known as Atom Boy in Japan) now has his first permanent Tokyo shop. Here you'll find exclusive Astro Boy merchandise, souvenirs in all price ranges, a special-event space, and a...
Visiting the Good Design Store is like a trip to a design museum, except everything here is for sale. This specialty design shop carries a diverse array of household goods, stationery supplies, toys and random products, all...
With more than 230 shops and restaurants, this is one of the biggest and fanciest outlet malls in the Tokyo area. The "park" portion of the name comes from Tsuruma Park, a newly developed facility right next to the mall. ...
Taiwan's coolest bookstore and lifestyle shop has created a unique "hub for cultural exchange" in Nihonbashi. In addition to selling books, stationery and miscellaneous goods, the shop incorporates a workshop zone with...
Filled with lush greenery, this traditional Japanese garden is known for its seasonal flower displays. According to their garden calendar, over the course of the year you can look forward to seeing cherry blossoms...
Mipig is a cafe where you can hang out with cute baby pigs. They're friendly and curious, and they wag their tails just like puppies. You can pet them when they sit in your lap and they make cute snorting noises. Really,...

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