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This casual after-work Spanish bar offers a tempting selection of paellas and tapas dishes, along with reasonably priced Spanish wines and sherries. The rustic interior, built around a well-stocked bar, contributes to the cozy ambience, as do the big chalkboard menus filled with daily specials. There's also an outdoor terrace area with a handful of tables for when the weather.... [Continue reading]
Trench offers an intriguing menu of signature cocktails and "twisted classics," and they also stock a huge assortment of liquor and liqueurs if you want to branch out on your own. The interior space is tiny, with seats for only thirteen customers, but the two-story ceilings, street-facing windows, and impressive set of bookshelves above the bar give it the feel of a comfortable urban.... [Continue reading]
Some eighty varieties of sake are ready to sample at this comfortable standing bar, along with traditional sake-drinking fare served in dainty portions. One nice touch here is that sake is served in proper wine glasses rather than tiny cups, the better to enjoy their aroma. The friendly staff are ready to advise you on your sake choices and can put together tasting flights based on your.... [Continue reading]
In spite of the Shinjuku business-district address, this branch of the Rome-based eatery has the feel of a friendly (but sophisticated) neighborhood Italian spot, where you can pop in for a charcuterie board and a glass of wine, a simple pizza, or a full-course spread. Cheese connoisseurs can indulge in one of several mozzarella tasting plates, and partying groups can take advantage of.... [Continue reading]
If you have a craving for a Hawaiian plate lunch and you're in the Tsukiji area, Island Plate Lunch should be on your radar. The kitchen turns out credible versions of traditional favorites like Garlic Shrimp, Loco Moco, Poke, Spicy Ahi, Spicy Salmon, Honey Chicken, and Spam Egg. There are more than a dozen main items to choose from, as well as combo plates featuring two main.... [Continue reading]
Run by Seijo Ishii, the import-heavy food and wine market, this unpretentious wine bar serves very reasonably priced wines by the glass or bottle. There's a full menu of grilled meats, hefty cheese-studded salads, cheese plates and other wine-friendly fare, so you can stop by here for a full meal or just a glass of wine and a snack. If you want to keep it super-casual, there's a.... [Continue reading]
Adventurous cocktails are the draw at this stylish basement bar in Nishi-Azabu, accompanied by a decent menu of Thai-inspired snacks. Mellow sixties-era jazz plays on the sound system, the lighting is subdued, and the atmosphere is very laid back - the perfect setting for a late evening drink or two. There are a couple dozen original cocktails to choose from, typically with very.... [Continue reading]
A graduate of Tokyo's burgeoning food-truck scene, this stationary branch of Tanaka's Roti offers nicely prepared rotisserie chicken to take out or eat in. The chicken is marinated for a full day in a mix of herbs and spices before roasting, achieving a good balance of juicy meat and moderately crisp skin. Standard rotisserie chicken, accompanied by potatoes roasted to a soft.... [Continue reading]
Decent fast-casual burritos, burrito bowls, burrito salads and tacos, all made from premium organic ingredients, are ready to take out at this mini-branch of the Tokyo chain. Side dishes include quesadillas, taquitos, nachos and chicken lime soup. Burrito dishes come in grilled chicken, carnitas (braised pork) and steak variations, with prices starting at Y1,050 for regular size or.... [Continue reading]
Tosa cuisine from Shikoku is the specialty at this comfortable, stylishly appointed izakaya. Salt-baked bonito (katsuo), heirloom-breed chicken, premium-grade pork and other local ingredients are grilled over extremely hot straw fires. It's a technique known as warayaki, where the meat or fish is cooked quickly while the aromatic smoke fire imparts a unique and very appetizing flavor. .... [Continue reading]
A menu full of exotic, sometimes savory wine-based cocktails is a fresh concept, and Swrl carries it off with panache. So many intriguing options: "Brooklyn", combining peanut butter and celery over a Chardonnay base; "Barcelona", an alluring mix of tomato, elderflower and rose wine; "San Diego", flavored with ginger, kombucha and Riesling. Supplementing the world tour of fancy.... [Continue reading]
California-style Thai cuisine is the intriguing specialty at Gin Khao, and we found it a nice change of pace from the Bangkok street-stall fare that's more usual for Tokyo. In addition to tom yum kung and curries, they offer entertaining cross-cultural dishes like Thai-style sriracha-glazed Buffalo chicken wings and spring rolls with a good helping of ripe avocado. The wings are.... [Continue reading]

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This branch of the popular Belgian Brasserie Court chain offers a line-up of ten beers on tap and a big bottle selection, while the food menu features a typical Belgian lineup of frites, steamed mussels, and charcuterie...
Craft Beer Server Land is popular for their wide selection of reasonably priced beers (they have 31 taps). There's also a small snack menu featuring eel fish and chips, home-made bacon and corned beef, and pizzas. High...
The fridges are filled with hundreds of exotic imported beers at this third retail branch of a Tokyo-based beer importer. Unlike the first two standing-bar branches of Beer Ma, this one has seating, in the form of three...
The spacious, stylishly decorated basement lounge in Citan Hostel offers a wide selection of exotic imported craft beers in cans and bottles as well as numerous wines by the glass, all in a quiet, very relaxed setting. ...
Brooklyn Brewery's spacious Tokyo tasting room, located in the sprawling basement of a boutique hotel in Kayabacho, is one of the nicest craft-beer bars in town. They offer a big selection of freshly imported Brooklyn beers...

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This charming hands-on museum is jam-packed with now-obsolete gadgetry that once represented the cutting edge of technology and industrial design. Hand-cranked movie cameras, pre-war film cameras, manual typewriters and...
Run by Toppan Printing Company, this medium-size museum explores "printing culture," showing off interesting examples of both printed word and image. You can admire beautifully illustrated books from the 18th and 19th...
This intimate jazz club has been an important part of Tokyo's jazz scene since 1974, moving to Shibuya from their previous Omotesando location in October 2021. There's a full calendar of live music with shows every night -...
Open since June 2019, PARCEL showcases up-and-coming Japanese and international artists, typically in month-long shows. The main exhibition area is a two-level space just to the left of the entrance to the DDD Hotel, but...
Do you love looking at architectural models, but simply can't spare enough time during the day? If so, then this late-night architecture-model cafe might be just the place for you. Wander around the spacious interior and...

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