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They aren't kidding - some of these pizzas really are crazy! The kitchen here enthusiastically experiments with variations like Gyros Pizza and Micro-sardine Pizza along with offbeat side dishes like Marinated Octopus with Tapenade. There's a fridge full of craft beers to explore and a nice wine list as well, all of which makes us want to come back and try everything on the menu. [Continue reading]
According to legend, curry is most popular in the old-book town of Jimbocho because customers can eat their curry-rice with a spoon in one hand and an open book in the other, voraciously eating and reading at the same time. A recent addition to the dozens of venerable curry restaurants in Jimbocho, such as Bambi, Mandala, Boys Curry, Bondy, etc., is a great Bangladesh home-style.... [Continue reading]
This bustling dining bar is a fun destination for drinks with friends or group outings of any size. They offer freshly brewed beers, inventive original cocktails, appetizing food and friendly service, all in a lively setting. There's a standing bar if you just want to grab a quick drink, plus counter seating and dining tables on two levels - some 80 seats in all. Dam's menu features.... [Continue reading]
Ah, the kindness of Korean ajuma (aunties), who have over the years loaned me their floral aprons, cut up my reimen noodles with scissors, or given me extra side dishes (as if I needed fattening up). Two smiling Korean aunts run this hole-in-the-wall basement lunch spot and serve up hearty homestyle cooking with a huge helping of hospitality. All the Korean staples are here. Tofu Chige.... [Continue reading]
Chicken parts and pork organ meats, grilled on skewers over charcoal, are the specialty of this long-running shop, and they do an excellent job preparing them. The grilled venison - tender and very flavorful - is highly recommended, as is the liver (their best seller). Other crowd pleasers include stuffed bell peppers (complemented by Torishige's signature sauce) and chicken tsukune.... [Continue reading]
This recent addition to the very cosmopolitan Grand Cube dining street in Otemachi offers a mound of real, down-home Malaysian-style Indian curries and rice to discerning local office workers. Just choose your rice and curry, and the friendly staff will load you up a heaping plate of spicy enjoyment! The best value for money is the recommended two-curry lunch at 1,580 yen. Choose from.... [Continue reading]
This lively backstreet cafe serves dozens of different buckwheat galettes and dessert crepes in addition to French hard ciders. You can supplement your galette "complete" (egg, ham and cheese) with add-on ingredients like mushrooms, onions, potatoes and seasonal vegetables, or opt for "specialty" galette varieties like smoked salmon, smoked duck, artichoke or Camembert.... [Continue reading]
A few musty bookstores away from Jimbocho crossing, R Sri Lanka is an oasis of calm. Enter through the tinted glass doors and you're struck by the high ceilings, the palm fronds, and the giant elephants painted on the walls. The only Tokyo branch of a restaurant launched a few years ago in Fukuoka, this Sri Lankan soup curry place specializes in one dish and does it perfectly. [Continue reading]
If you want to, you can think of Le Petit Tonneau as a wine bar. They serve more than twenty different wines by the glass and a few dozen more by the bottle, with Cotes du Rhone, Languedoc, Bordeaux and Bourgogne all well represented. The menu includes fairly detailed descriptions of each wine in Japanese, and the friendly, multilingual waiters are ready to offer suggestions if you ask. .... [Continue reading]
Decorated with lanterns and neon signage, this basement Vietnamese restaurant offers up very tasty dishes in an unpretentious izakaya-style setting. Named for the famous Vietnamese beer, 333 ("Bababa") is crowded at lunch and dinner with local young Japanese office workers and Vietnamese students. Along with the usual Pho soup-noodle dishes, 333 has a great lineup of delicious soupless.... [Continue reading]
Plump, globular donuts bursting with creamy filling are the specialty at Osaka-based BPC Donuts, produced in flavors like chocolate, lemon-cheese and yogurt. Most customers get their donuts to go, but you can also drop in for a quick coffee and donut in the tiny seating area next to the take-out counter. Donuts are priced from Y430..... [Continue reading]
If you're in Harajuku and looking for a dining spot with a pleasant atmosphere, good food and spacious outdoor seating, Eataly checks all the boxes. The attractive third-floor terrace is probably the main selling point, with a verdant view overlooking Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine (and the intermittently audible Yoyogi Station). The dinner menu focuses on well-constructed pizzas and a.... [Continue reading]

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Parked in one corner of the trendy B-Flat Commune market area hidden in the back streets of Omotesando, the Kokage beer truck is perfectly set up for seasonal outdoor beer drinking. They serve five beers from Karuizawa...
The popular Belgian chain imports its own beers and also runs a Tokyo- and Brussels-based brewery. You can usually find a half dozen or more beers on tap, with dozens more by the bottle. The cozy interior is long and...
A gourmet coffee shop by day, Trunk turns into a craft-beer destination at night, with eight taps dispensing domestic craft beers until 11pm. The taplist includes well-regarded brewers like Isekadoya, Swan Lake and Shiga...
This popular standing bar in Tokyo Midtown Yaesu's second-floor dining complex offers a few unusual craft beers on tap as well as various light snacks. A recent taplist featured an imperial stout from La Debauche Nevermore...
Like its sister shops (Another8 in Meguro and After9 in Kyoto), this cozy neighborhood bar serves a well-selected lineup of both craft beers and sake in a stylish setting. The food menu ranges from tasty quick snacks...
This branch of the popular Belgian Brasserie Court chain offers a line-up of ten beers on tap and a big bottle selection, while the food menu features a typical Belgian lineup of frites, steamed mussels, and charcuterie...

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Nakagin Capsule Tower, architect Kisho Kurokawa's Metabolist masterpiece, was demolished in 2022, but two of its component capsules have been preserved in this tiny rental gallery. One of them has been restored to its...
This commercial gallery puts on short-term solo and group shows of contemporary Japanese art, from both established artists and newcomers. It moved to the Hikarie complex's Creative Space 8 in June 2023 from Bunkamura (the...
You'll amaze your friends with your deep knowledge of mayonnaise-related facts after a visit to Tokyo's one and only mayonnaise museum, Mayo Terrace. Best-selling condiment brand Kewpie has set up this attractive facility...
This traditional tea seller on the edge of Tsukiji is worth a look if you're a fan of architect Kengo Kuma and you're in the neighborhood. Especially if you're in the mood for some green tea. The interior incorporates...
Popular with insect fans of all ages (but mostly children), this specialized museum is devoted to the life of French entomologist Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915), who was famous in Japan as the author of the beautifully written...
Rio has a large playroom full of cute puppies, and since the admission charge is incremented in ten-minute intervals, it's easy to just drop in for a quick visit. Maybe because of the cafe's popularity, the pups seem to be...

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