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Harajuku Ikea is the first central-Tokyo branch of the Swedish retailer, and local residents will be happy to learn that they stock most of the same imported foods that their suburban superstores carry. Several freezer cabinets are scattered around the shop's second floor, packed with frozen-food favorites such as Swedish meatballs, salmon-cod balls, salmon filets and smoked salmon,.... [Continue reading]
Original Isan dishes from northeastern Thailand are the specialty at this very international Thai restaurant (they have branches in New York, Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City as well as Tokyo). Squeezed into the bustling Toranomon Yokocho complex, this is essentially a mini-branch of the restaurant, serving a couple dozen representative dishes from the larger menu at their Yoyogi branch. .... [Continue reading]
Hearty, umami-rich tomato-based soup brings out the vibrant flavors of the vegetables at this cafe-style soup-curry specialist. The stewed pork (kakuni) is highly recommended as a main filling, especially the premium "toro kakuni," which is limited in quantity. The large chunks of kakuni have a good ratio of meat to fat, nicely balancing with the fresh-tasting lotus root, bell pepper.... [Continue reading]
This very hip late-night dining bar near Gaienmae might be the best place in the neighborhood for sake after 11pm. The kitchen specializes in organ-meat dishes, and a glance at the menu reveals a diverse lineup of creative dishes - tempura-fried calf sweetbreads, stewed beef tripe with tomatoes, spaghetti with cod roe, oxtail soup with champon noodles, grilled beef tongue, kakuni braised.... [Continue reading]
Like a charcuterie plate or a mixed barbecue platter, an assortment of meat sushi is a great way to enjoy a variety of meaty morsels in one sitting. Nikuzushi offers a surprisingly diverse range to choose from, with options like roast beef, Iberico pork, sukiyaki-style beef, smoked chicken, roast duck, foie gras and much more. Although most of the meat served here is cooked, there are.... [Continue reading]
It may not be as fancy as some izakayas around town, but Torarenbo offers a solid, reliable sake list and first-rate seasonal cuisine, with food designed to enhance your sake-drinking experience. There are around fifty sake to choose from at any given time, including limited-edition seasonal specials, and the staff are happy to give you advice (in Japanese) about what to drink.... [Continue reading]
This tiny specialty stand serves very juicy and delicious fried chicken, Spanish rather than karaage in style, with mild garlicky flavoring and quite ample volume. They claim the chicken tastes better when you eat it with your hands, and who are we to argue? Three pieces of chicken will set you back Y1,130, and it's really quite a lot of meat, definitely enough to share if you can get.... [Continue reading]
Offering a wide selection of seafood fresh from the fish market every morning, this stylish little izakaya serves sashimi, tempura, grilled seafood, and quite a bit of craft sake. A few dozen types of sashimi are on the menu any given day, including several different cuts of tuna, one of the specialties here. If you're used to ordering the sashimi moriawase when you go to an izakaya,.... [Continue reading]
Cabos Modern Mexican serves creative international cuisine built on a sophisticated urban-Mexican base, worlds away from typical Tokyo Mexican and Tex-Mex fare. Ceviche-style cold starters, original tacos and numerous oyster dishes are some of the specialties of the house, along with intriguing signature cocktails and fruit-based drinks. The Trio de la Casa is an excellent introduction.... [Continue reading]
Standing Bar Joe offers a dozen or so seasonal sakes by the glass, a handful of Japanese craft beers on tap, plus shochu, wine and cocktails. The food menu is relatively compact, but it offers a surprising variety of pork dishes, showcasing premium pork breeds from around the country. It all made sense when we learned that the bar is a sister shop of Butagami, the famous tonkatsu.... [Continue reading]
Gyoza dumplings are the specialty at this unpretentious counter shop inside the Joinus food hall. There's space for ten diners at two tightly packed counters, but most customers get their gyoza to go. Signature "Manten" gyoza, stuffed with juicy pork and chives, are the most popular item, but the rest of the menu is worth a try as well. Other options on the rotating seasonal menu.... [Continue reading]
Spaghetti Carbonara is the only dish served at this very specialized lunchtime restaurant, and they do an excellent job of it. It's perfectly prepared and attractively presented, with a scrumptious cheesy sauce and al dente noodles. In addition to their faultless classic-recipe carbonara, they offer three dailiy variations to keep things from getting monotonous. These are mostly just.... [Continue reading]

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With 250 seats, this is one of the biggest craft-beer bars we've been to in Japan, and the spacious outdoor terrace is a convivial gathering spot when the weather is nice. They pour a selection of twenty beers on tap,...
The popular Danish craft-beer brewery has opened a second Tokyo branch, located in the craft-beer haven of Kanda. They serve burgers on the first floor, while the bar area, with a dozen taps, is up a very narrow staircase...
Kakakuri is one of the rare drinking spots in Tokyo where you can find first-rate selections of both craft beer and craft sake. Despite the row of beer taps behind the counter, it feels more like a cozy neighborhood izakaya...
With its traditional wood-beam architecture, old-fashioned snacks and laid-back atmosphere, this long-established standing bar is a fun place to stop in for a glass of sake or a Belgian beer. The main sake list features...
The half dozen or so German-style craft beers on tap at Schmatz are probably the most interesting brews you'll find in the Grandberry Park shopping mall. This mini-branch of the popular German chain, located in the middle...
Run by Kiuchi Brewery, the sake brewer behind the popular Hitachino Nest beer brand, this dining bar is devoted to craft spirits, craft beers and premium beef and pork from Ibaraki Prefecture. Drinks options include ten...

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Small Worlds Tokyo is an essential destination for anyone who loves elaborate dioramas, massive European-style model-train layouts, or the Sailor Moon or Evangelion anime franchises. Open since June 2020, it's advertised as...
The robotic 1960s anime star Astro Boy (known as Atom Boy in Japan) now has his first permanent Tokyo shop. Here you'll find exclusive Astro Boy merchandise, souvenirs in all price ranges, a special-event space, and a...
Visiting the Good Design Store is like a trip to a design museum, except everything here is for sale. This specialty design shop carries a diverse array of household goods, stationery supplies, toys and random products, all...
With more than 230 shops and restaurants, this is one of the biggest and fanciest outlet malls in the Tokyo area. The "park" portion of the name comes from Tsuruma Park, a newly developed facility right next to the mall. ...
Taiwan's coolest bookstore and lifestyle shop has created a unique "hub for cultural exchange" in Nihonbashi. In addition to selling books, stationery and miscellaneous goods, the shop incorporates a workshop zone with...
Filled with lush greenery, this traditional Japanese garden is known for its seasonal flower displays. According to their garden calendar, over the course of the year you can look forward to seeing cherry blossoms...

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