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Regional Specialties

From endless tofu variations and gorgeous vegetables to elegant kaiseki service and shojin-ryori (vegetarian temple cuisine), Kyoto has a unique culinary tradition.
Where to sample Kyoto's famous specialty cuisines - tofu, kaiseki and vegetarian shojin-ryori.
From okonomiyaki to Kobe beef, here's where you can find some more local Kansai dishes.
Where to find local dishes like cha-gayu - rice flavored with green tea and seasonal vegetables - and Nara-style pickles.
Just two hours and ten minutes north of Kyoto station, Kanazawa has its own unique cuisine and plenty of interesting sights to see.

Food Markets

An introduction to central Kyoto's sprawling food market and the people who shop there
Crab, seafood and heirloom Kaga vegetables are the highlights of this famous provincial market
Pastries and sake, miso paste and fishcakes, from one of Kyoto's most luxurious department store food floors
Pickles, yuba (tofu skin) and other Kyoto food specialties at this food-floor basement inside Kyoto station

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