Kyoto retail shops
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Here are a few notable food markets, imported grocery stores and well-stocked wine shops in the area.

Retail shops

Picasso - Liquor shop: Gion
[ Open 2pm-midnight. Closed Sundays. ]
A wine specialty shop. The big selection here is strongest in French and Italian wines.
[ Open 2pm-midnight. Closed Sundays. ]
Daimaru - Retail: Karasuma
[ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
Daimaru's food floor is huge, with a good selection of prepared foods from famous restaurants as well as imported items.
[ Open 10am-8pm daily. ]
Aritsugu - Retail: Kawaramachi
[ Open 9am-5:30pm daily. ]
A fantastic selection of chef's knives and cleavers, cooking pans, bamboo steamers, and more esoteric cookingware can be found at this 400-year-old retail shop.
[ Open 9am-5:30pm daily. ]
Isetan - Retail: Kyoto Station
[ Open 10am-8pm. Closed some Tuesdays. ]
The sprawling basement food floor of Isetan Department Store is a convenient place to buy bento boxes and other take-away food before you take the train.
[ Open 10am-8pm. Closed some Tuesdays. ]
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