Daimaru Department Store


Daimaru Department Store boasts one of the biggest food floors in Kyoto. They offer a wide range of Western delicacies, pastries and chocolates, a good selection of sake and a respectable wine department. There are also many stalls devoted to Kyoto's specialty foods such as tofu, fu (wheat gluten), yuba (tofu skin), and beautiful vegetables, both fresh and pickled.

They're located right next to the western end of the traditional outdoor Nishiki Market, and visiting one after the other provides an interesting study in contrasts.

Melon-flavored bread

Ginnan (gingko nuts)

Pickled baby eggplants

Melons packaged for gift-giving

Fish cakes

Freshly made fish cakes

Goma-dofu (sesame tofu) and tofu variations


Jams, juices and vinegar-based drinks

Kushiage (deep-fried meat and vegetables on skewers)


Grilled unagi eel

A French bakery

Salt-grilled ayu (sweetfish)

Rakkyo (pickled shallots)

Nukazuke (rice bran-pickled) cucumbers


Miso paste

Daimaru Department Store: Kyoto
Open 10am-8pm daily
Shijo Takakura 79. (Shijo just east of Karasuma-dori)
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