Isetan Department Store

Chrysanthemum flowers for cooking

The branch of Isetan Department Store in Kyoto is part of the very impressive Kyoto station complex, designed by architect Hiroshi Hara. The station complex, which opened in 1997, also includes a hotel, a theater, and numerous restaurants and shops.

Isetan's basement-level food floor offers the usual wide mix of Japanese, Western and Asian prepared foods, and it's a convenient place to buy a bento or other take-away food before catching the train upstairs.

Bamboo shoots

Dried yuba (tofu skin)

Kyoto Station


Local Kyoto-raised beef

Fruit packaged for gift-giving

Eggplants, cucumbers

A fish counter

Fresh yuba (tofu skin)

Matsutake mushrooms


Various types of pickles

Isetan Department Store: Kyoto
Open 10am-8pm daily
JR Kyoto Station
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