Takoyaki and akashiyaki (octopus dumplings)
Cuisine and menu-reading guide



Juhachiban set themselves apart from the other shops in Daiba's popular takoyaki theme park with their pleasantly crunchy shell, made by using harder-than-average tenkasu (bits of tempura-fried batter) in the takoyaki batter. Among the variations here is a simple salt and toasted nori version that really brings out the flavor of the octopus filling. The regular version is also better.... [Continue reading]
Takoyaki, kushiage and yakisoba are served Osaka-style here at this late-night, Osaka-based shop. There's a big takoyaki grill in the front take-out window, a small six-seat counter on the ground floor, and space for another twenty or so upstairs. The takoyaki here is filled with big chunks of octopus in a filling somewhere between creamy and fluffy, coated in a thin outer skin. In.... [Continue reading]
Sure you can get takoyaki anywhere in town, but here the metal takoyaki grills are actually built into the tables, and the grills also serve as a motif for the decor here, if it can be called that. Signed photos of local celebrity diners adorn the walls.... [Continue reading]
While most of the takoyaki shops in this neighborhood provide take-out service, with maybe an outdoor bench or two, this branch of a popular Osaka shop is set up as a proper restaurant, with dining areas on two levels. An eight-piece assortment of octopus dumplings with four different sauces is Y600, and you can also sample various traditional Japanese desserts.... [Continue reading]
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