Yakiton (grilled pork) and motsu-nikomi (organ-meat stew)
Cuisine and menu-reading guide



Located just a minute or two from Ikebukuro station, this bustling izakaya is an easy stop for a quick bite and a drink on the way home, and the crowded ground-floor counter is full of solo diners as well as groups. Unlike most yakiton shops, they also have a take-out window in front where you can pick up skewers of grilled pork to go. You'll be asked for your drink order as soon as you.... [Continue reading]
This after-work standing bar serves up excellent charcoal-grilled skewers of pork and chicken plus cheap drinks in an extremely casual setting. The ceiling is festooned with paper lanterns advertising beer and liquor brands. Patrons - mostly Shimbashi office workers stopping in for a drink on the way home - can stand at upturned barrels, communal tables or a long counter in front of.... [Continue reading]
This grilled-pork specialist is best known for their gyumotsu nikomi (beef tripe stew), considered by afficianados to be one of the top three of its kind in Tokyo. Fashioned as a "Western-style" nikomi, it's flavored with red hatcho-miso and red wine, and the chefs have been adding ingredients to the same stew pot for four decades now. The rich, fatty stew is served in clay pots along.... [Continue reading]
Yakiton (charcoal-grilled pork on skewers) is the main dish here, but instead of a smoky izakaya the atmosphere is closer to a stylish wine bar, with a selection of wines by the glass (Y680-1000) to go with your skewers - a great combination. Pork cuts include pleasantly fatty pork belly and assorted organ meats, and are Y160 per skewer, while vegetables like zucchini, turnips and.... [Continue reading]
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