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Japanese curry in Japan

The curry sauce here is scrumptious, with a natural fruit sweetness, well-balanced spices and complex flavors. There aren't many mixed-ingredient options, but the shrimp, clam and chicken was quite good, with plump shrimps and juicy, flavorful clams. It also came with button mushrooms, almonds and a sprig of watercress on top - a nice touch - plus umeboshi and a couple of sweet and.... [Continue reading]
With its exotic-ethnic decor and Hawaiian background music, the atmosphere here is closer to a Bohemian cafe than a curry shop. The curry menu itself is rather exotic too - variations include ratatouille, avocado, pig's foot, and leek curries. The "Zenbu" (everything) curry (Y1550) is a good introduction - it contains beef, pork, chicken, shrimp and cheese in a sweetish roux, and it's.... [Continue reading]
The original Japanese curries here incorporate umami-rich coconut milk, ripe tomatoes and cheese as well as fresh seasonal vegetables. Some popular options (from Y730) are oysters and spinach with baked cheese; ripe tomato, eggplant and chicken; and pork-cabbage, while extra toppings (mostly Y100) include corn, bamboo shoots, coriander, garlic shoots and tofu. Curries are also available.... [Continue reading]
Japanese curries made with medicinal herbs are the specialty here, and while we can't vouch for any possible health benefits, we can confirm that they're at least very tasty. We enjoyed an excellent seasonal vegetable curry, chock full of fresh-tasting turnips, spinach and mountain vegetables (sansai), while the chicken curry showcased a very soft and well-simmered chicken leg. The roux.... [Continue reading]
This Japanese curry shop inside Tokyo Tower fashions itself as a laboratory for testing new curry recipes, and the interior is another statement from the always stylish Wonderwall design firm, with a science-lab motif and miniature TV screens at each seat. The curries are innovative and tasty, priced at Y1000-1200; take-out is also available. .... [Continue reading]
The prize-winning Japanese curries served are rich and complex in flavor, made with a mix of Indian spices added to a meaty European-style stock. The deep-fried beef cutlet in the gyukatsu curry has a nice crunchy coating that stands up to the sauce, which is also laced with bits of beef. Pickled onions are the only condiment, and.... [Continue reading]
This classic Japanese curry shop offers two dozen or so curry variations, and it's a great place to explore the nuances of this popular down-home cuisine. Izumi's curry roux is rich and quite spicy, and main ingredients like stewed butabara (pork belly) and Hamburg steak are meaty and tasty. There are plenty of optional toppings to.... [Continue reading]

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