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Okonomiyaki in Japan

Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is the specialty at this friendly neighborhood spot, along with a good assortment of vegetables from the teppanyaki grill. Choose from seven or eight okonomiyaki variations, all made with a base of pork, eggs, cabbage and other vegetables, plus your choice of ramen (aka "soba") or udon noodles. (In case you're extra-hungry, we were told that the ramen noodles.... [Continue reading]
Original-recipe Kyoto-style okonomiyaki is the specialty of the house here, but we were even more impressed with the kitchen's creative vegetable dishes and unusual yakisoba variations. The basement dining room is cozy and unpretentious, service is friendly, and prices are quite reasonable - a nice combination in this often-overpriced neighborhood. We started off a recent meal with an.... [Continue reading]
Attached to an experimental art gallery called Design Festa, Sakuratei is definitely the most artsy okonomiyaki shop in town, and it attracts a young Bohemian-leaning crowd. The menu offers some fifteen variations on Osaka-style okonomiyaki as well as Tokyo-style monjayaki, yakisoba, and yaki-udon noodles. The Kurobuta Okonomiyaki is studded with nice big chunks of Berkshire pork, and.... [Continue reading]
This national chain prepares good-quality okonomiyaki, yakisoba, "modern-yaki", and interesting five-color "salads" of shredded vegetables. They also do a Hiroshima-style option. Take-out is available.... [Continue reading]
Kyoto-style "negiyaki" and the oddly named pizza-style okonomiyaki (with ingredients like tuna, cheese, tomato and corn) are among the choices at this inexpensive shop.... [Continue reading]
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