Daiba: Takoyaki
Juhachiban (Daiba: Takoyaki)
Open 11am-9pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Juhachiban set themselves apart from the other shops in Daiba's popular takoyaki theme park with their pleasantly crunchy shell, made by using harder-than-average tenkasu (bits of tempura-fried batter) in the takoyaki batter. Among the variations here is a simple salt and toasted nori version that really brings out the flavor of the octopus filling.

The regular version is also better quite nice, with a slightly tart sauce. Sampler sets of two, three and four types of takoyaki are available; a three-part assortment is Y840. English menu available.

Minato-ku, Daiba 1-6-1, Decks Tokyo Beach Seaside Mall 4F.
東京都港区台場1-6-1 デックス東京ビーチシーサイドモール4F
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