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It feels just like a Taiwanese night market during the Lantern festival at Taiwan Yoichi 101, but fortunately without the pungent aroma of the stinky tofu stalls. Colorful lanterns, check. Friendly staff, check. Odd tables and plastic stools, check. Delicious small plates at reasonable prices, check. Taiwan beer and cocktails, check! For a tiny place that seats about thirty people,.... [Continue reading]
Lien serves excellent modern French cuisine with a flair. They also offer a good selection of affordable wines from around the world (not just France), with eleven wines poured by the glass. Lunch is an especially good deal, with a choice of main dish (from five daily offerings) plus a buffet of appetizers. Pretty, colorful terrines are a fun way to start off a meal and an.... [Continue reading]
Carmine is an old-fashioned neighborhood pizzeria, with small tables decked out in red checkered tablecloths, walls covered with travel and food posters, and a kitchen turning out good, solid Italian fare at reasonable prices. The four-course lunch is a great deal, especially if you have a hearty appetite. A very appetizing array of starters is followed by a hefty pizza or pasta, then.... [Continue reading]

Exploring Japanese cuisine

All about ramen, tonkatsu, tempura and grilled chicken on sticks, with menu-reading guides
Making Japanese dishes at home
Holiday meals, kitchen tools, sake snacks
Food-related travels around Japan
Kitchen tools, sake snacks, holiday meals

Articles and special features

An introduction to different types of sake, plus a glossary of sake terms
Menu-reading help for izakaya and sushi shops
A combination museum, restaurant complex and mini-theme park, with eight ramen shops to try
Sample regional delicacies and local sake without leaving the capital
Learn the secrets of Osaka's favorite octopus snack
What are style-savvy brewers wearing at festivals and tastings around the country?
A bustling warren of tiny shops catering to both restaurants and consumers
Tour of one of Kyoto's luxurious department-store food halls
Explore Kobe's biggest sake museum, built in an old brewery building
Different styles of ramen explained, with a noodle-term glossary
Find the best craft-beer bars in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto
Finding great pork is easy, but where do you go for great turnips? Here are some suggestions.

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