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In addition to preparing first-rate modern French fare, Michelin-starred chef Nishimura likes to dabble in haute-cuisine versions of ramen. He opened this casual spot as a place where diners can enjoy both. You can choose from attractively priced prix-fixe menus with creative French small dishes, or just pop in for a fantastic bowl of noodles. The small "mini-course" menu (Y2,500) is a.... [Continue reading]
This commuter-friendly, underground branch of the popular Italian chain includes an imported food market, a cafe, a casual wine bar, and a full-fledged pizza- and pasta-centric restaurant, all located just steps away from the Marunouchi subway and JR Tokyo Station. If you're in a pizza mood there are a dozen well-prepared varieties to choose from, among them Cinque Formaggi; Burrata;.... [Continue reading]
Good Hong Kong-style dim sum is served all day long in this conveniently located shop attached to Shinjuku Station. You can choose from a fair assortment of dim sum favorites - xiao long bao, spicy xiao long bao, well-stuffed shrimp dumplings and very crispy spring rolls. Okayu porridge, fried rice and noodle dishes are provided for your carbohydrate needs. A la carte items include a.... [Continue reading]

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All about ramen, tonkatsu, tempura and grilled chicken on sticks, with menu-reading guides
Making Japanese dishes at home
Holiday meals, kitchen tools, sake snacks
Food-related travels around Japan
Kitchen tools, sake snacks, holiday meals

Articles and special features

An introduction to different types of sake, plus a glossary of sake terms
Menu-reading help for izakaya and sushi shops
A combination museum, restaurant complex and mini-theme park, with eight ramen shops to try
Sample regional delicacies and local sake without leaving the capital
Learn the secrets of Osaka's favorite octopus snack
What are style-savvy brewers wearing at festivals and tastings around the country?
A bustling warren of tiny shops catering to both restaurants and consumers
Tour of one of Kyoto's luxurious department-store food halls
Explore Kobe's biggest sake museum, built in an old brewery building
Different styles of ramen explained, with a noodle-term glossary
Find the best craft-beer bars in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto
Finding great pork is easy, but where do you go for great turnips? Here are some suggestions.

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