Day Food Lab
Koenji: International
Day Food Lab (Koenji: International)
Day Food Lab
Open 6:30pm-12:30am (LO). Closed third Sunday.
Sun: Open Sundays

A friendly neighborhood bistro, Day Food Lab serves creative European-international cuisine that doesn't take itself too seriously. You can choose from an eclectic menu of items like rocket-bacon salad, duck confit and uni white-asparagus carbonara pasta. Alternatively you can try your luck with the six-course prix-fixe menu (just Y2800), which seems to showcase whatever ingredients of the day the kitchen feels inspired by.

A recent dinner featured an uni omelette, a fairly orthodox pate de campagne, prosciutto with sauteed vegetables, and maguro carpaccio on tortillas, followed by a main course of grilled Ezo venison. Our omelette was original and very tasty, although whatever uni they used was overpowered by the gorgonzola sauce. The venison, though slow to arrive, was properly gamey and well worth the wait.

Although we've had more skillfully produced meals at various bistros and trattorias around town, Day Food Lab gets points for the variety of their offerings, the element of surprise, the casual atmosphere and the very reasonable prices.

Drinks include several wines by the glass, a couple of craft beers, and cocktails made with forty types of gin. Lunch is served on weekends only (noon-3pm). Budget around Y4000 at dinnertime.

Suginami-ku, Koenji-Kita 3-23-11, Enchante Bldg 2F.
s捂~k3-23-11 AVer 2F

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