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This neighborhood liquor shop runs a very popular sake-tasting standing bar where you'll find a decent selection of craft sake and a serviceable menu of sake-friendly light snacks. It's a very convivial evening drinking spot, where it's easy to end up chatting with the people you're sharing your table with, especially if you like talking about sake. There are around forty different.... [Continue reading]
"Cheese makes you happy!" declares the sign at the entrance to Racler, and we certainly can't argue with that sentiment. This popular cheese-focused restaurant specializes in fondues, raclette plates, cheesy pastas and side dishes like frozen blue-cheese salad. The drinks list features gourmet lemonades, organic herb teas and reasonably priced wines by the glass or bottle. The.... [Continue reading]
More than 1000 kinds of food, drink and local crafts from Mie Prefecture can be found at this well-stocked antenna shop. Local culinary delicacies include Matsusaka beef, ume plums, fresh-caught fish and oysters, tea, udon and soy sauce. The drinks refrigerator stocks around twenty different sake, including small one-cup sizes, and more than a dozen beers by the bottle from the Ise.... [Continue reading]
A long-running miso specialty shop, Soybean Farm serves miso-based cuisine in their cozy dining room and carries artisanal miso paste in the retail shop up front. Miso katsu is the standout dish in the restaurant - tender pork cutlet enveloped in an impressively thick and crunchy coating and slathered with a tasty miso-based sauce. Like many of the dishes here, it comes as part of a.... [Continue reading]
This down-to-earth izakaya is a nice spot to explore a huge and varied sake list, including an ever-changing roster of seasonal monthly specials. The food menu is reliable, showcasing seasonal ingredients in simple dishes that support rather than overshadow your sake-drinking experience. The sashimi platter of the day is, as always, an easy place to start your meal, and you can also.... [Continue reading]
Vegetable-centered Japanese-style curry rice is the specialty at this highly rated counter shop. The four varieties on offer are onion (with chicken or shrimp), lamb with onion, chickpea keema, and the house-special multi-vegetable curry. You can also opt for extra vegetable toppings like zucchini, eggplant, asparagus and maitake mushrooms. The lamb and onion is our favorite here - it.... [Continue reading]
While it may look similar to a hundred other boisterous drinking spots in this office-building zone, Mondo turns out far better food and drink than your typical izakaya, at remarkably budget-friendly prices. The specialty here is regional cuisine from Shimane Prefecture, with some interesting dishes you won't find elsewhere in town along with excellent craft sake. The sashimi platter of.... [Continue reading]
Yet another taqueria hits Tokyo, this one hailing from Newport Beach, California. In addition to tacos they serve burritos, burrito bowls, spicy pork fajitas, quesadillas, meaty salads and Chronic Cheese Balls. Some Japan-only menu items include Japanese wagyu sukiyaki tacos and burritos. The ordering process is similar for most items - choose a main protein (spicy Adoba pork, regular.... [Continue reading]
Attached to the Toyama Prefecture antenna shop, this very specialized bar serves seventeen different sake produced in Toyama. Sake is Y700 for a glass, or you can order a three-part tasting flight for the same price. Explanations and tasting notes are in Japanese, but you can ask the staff for advice. While you're tasting your way through the prefecture, you can enjoy a selection of.... [Continue reading]
Nikuzushi is a real treat for meat lovers - you can enjoy tasty, bite-size morsels of various cuts of beef, pork, duck, chicken, venison, horse and other meats, served as nigiri-zushi over dabs of vinegared rice. Assortment platters are a good way to compare different cuts of meat and preparation styles - an entertaining alternative to simply plowing through a big steak. Most.... [Continue reading]
The setting at 3 Bis is charming and super-casual - the unfinished-plywood walls and bar are covered with marker-drawn messages from past customers, and the upstairs dining room is reached via a narrow exterior ladder-like stairway. With only two seats at the ground-floor bar (plus standing room for maybe half a dozen more) it's not an all-night destination, but it is a fun spot to drop.... [Continue reading]
Fermented foods are the specialty at this unusual Ginza dining bar, with an emphasis on European dishes incorporating either miso, cheese, or both. A tasty four-cheese fondue, flavored with Kyoto-style miso, is a specialty of the house, and the selection of miso-marinated and seasoned grilled meats is well worth exploring. Everybody seems to start with the fondue here, so you might as.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

The latest listings from our sister site Craft Beer Bars Japan.
World Beer Museum: Yokohama Minato-mirai
This massive 200-seat bar-restaurant serves more than 200 beers from all over the world - including 19 beers on tap - along with an international food menu. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a classic Japanese beer hall,...
Spatzle: Harajuku
Spatzle serves modern German cuisine along with German wines and beers in a casual, stylish dining room. Their namesake spatzle egg noodles come in tempting variations like uni-cream sauce and cheese-cream sauce with black...
Eitai Brewing: Kayabacho
With its waterfront location looking out over the Sumida River, this brewpub's ten-seat second-floor terrace is an especially pleasant spot from which to watch the parade of passing boats when the weather is nice. The bar...
Sunday Morning Coffee: Kayabacho
In addition to coffee, tea and cafe snacks, this charming little neighborhood coffeehouse offers a respectable roster of craft beers and ciders from Japan and the rest of the world. The selection from the five taps changes...
New opening - Schmatz: Kichijoji
This German bar-restaurant chain offers a variety of German and German-style beers at very reasonable prices, especially compared to other German restaurants in town. The eight beers on draft are mostly original beers from...
World End: Ueno
A typical Irish pub in sound and appearance, The World End carries unusual and hard-to-find US craft beers in addition to Irish and international macrobrews. On a recent visit we found various beers from US brewers Modern...

Where in Tokyo

Find fun things to do between meals, from our sister site Where In Tokyo.
D47 Design Travel Store: Tokyo Shibuya
Located right next to the excellent D47 design museum, this well-curated shop offers a wide range of beautifully designed household goods and crafts from all 47 prefectures of Japan. Products are selected by the editor of D...
Totem Pole Photo Gallery: Tokyo Yotsuya 3-chome
Open since 2008, this contemporary photography gallery runs a program of frequent regular exhibitions, usually lasting a week or two, of member artists. ...
Animal Cafes - Hogoken Cafe: Tokyo Hachioji
This is the first Tokyo branch of an Osaka-based group of rescue-dog cafes, located a few minutes north of Nishi-Hachioji Station on the JR line. The second-floor cafe area is a very lively place, with happy dogs in...
Diesel Art Gallery: Tokyo Shibuya
Located in the basement of the Diesel fashion brand's flagship store in Shibuya, this two-room gallery presents shows by well-known international artists, many with a strong anime or pop-culture sensibility. There are four...
Line Friends Store: Tokyo Harajuku
Brown the bear, the salmon-loving mascot of LINE (Japan's most popular instant-messaging service) is the star of this hugely popular character goods shop, along with Cony the rabbit, Sally the duck and their many animated...
Irodoriya: Tokyo Shibuya
Exhibitions at this small gallery and gift shop tend toward the whimsical, cute, cartoony end of the spectrum, including a fair amount of animal-themed art. In addition to prints and postcards they also stock an unusual...

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