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Va Bene's casual ground-floor bar is a convivial spot to enjoy some scrumptious meaty snacks along with a glass of wine or two. The assorted appetizer plate (Y980) is a perfect match for a robust Italian red, and our platter featured a rich, almost buttery liver mousse that was one of the highlights of our day. Other wine-friendly starters include spicy tripe stew, horsemeat tartar and.... [Continue reading]
Soregashi is a laid-back, very unpretentious local izakaya where you can explore a good range of craft sake along with an interesting food menu. There are a couple dozen sakes to choose from, including a good number of limited-edition seasonal bottles - not the biggest selection in town, but sustainable for a shop of this size. The staff are friendly and knowledgable about their stock,.... [Continue reading]
Exotic, ethnic-themed cafes in Japan have their own special charm, and Ethical Cafe is a fine example of the genre. The decor is fashioned after a tropical resort, with rattan sofas, chairs and tables and a cabana-style thatched-roof bar. The food is an entertaining mix of vacation destination-inspired dishes like Keema Curry Nachos and Ethnic Spicy Edamame. The World Beer menu features.... [Continue reading]
Located in a relatively respectable corner of Roppongi, Shirube offers a decent sake list and reliable izakaya-style fare at reasonable prices in this often expensive area. The dining area is quite large, with private rooms suitable for parties and a spacious counter that's comfortable for lone diners. Shirube's famous seared mackerel is one of the big draws here - it's not just tasty.... [Continue reading]
If you're a cheese fan it's well worth dropping by this casual wine bar just to try their excellent four-cheese platter. The shop offers around a hundred wines by the bottle and twenty by the glass, including an ever-changing "kimagure" wine selection priced at just Y300 as well as much more deluxe options. The tables and seats here are rather compact, so this is more of a spot to grab.... [Continue reading]
Excellent heirloom-breed pork dishes served with an impressive selection of premium craft sake - that's the simple but appealing formula at this unpretentious drinking spot. There are around thirty or forty craft sakes to choose from at any given time, and you can order them in small, tasting-size 75ml glasses if you want to put together a do-it-yourself tasting flight. In addition to.... [Continue reading]
Custom-made burgers with a huge variety of optional ingredients, sauces and toppings are ready to order from this California-based burger shop. Alternatively, you can swap your buns for salad greens with meals-in-a-bowl like the Beef and Brie and the Grilled Mahi-Mahi Salad, or explore sandwich options like the Grilled Cheese Trifecta and the BLT with grilled avocado. One of the main.... [Continue reading]
With its lively, spacious dining room, well-stocked bar and good food, Fireking has established itself as the hub of Uehara nightlife since its opening in 2000. It's busy until late at night with an eclectic and hip crowd, and it's a popular lunch spot as well. The food menu is reasonably priced and international in scope, ranging from grilled chicken and swordfish to Thai and Indonesian.... [Continue reading]
A nice variety of deli-style salads is ready for your grazing pleasure at this casual cafe, with inventive dishes like Spicy Roast Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower with Onion Bacon Jam, and Roast Swordfish and Zucchini with Coriander Salsa. The daily menu offers some fifteen deli items to choose from, ranging from quite substantial meat-centered dishes to lighter grain- and.... [Continue reading]
This upscale branch of Rikyu, the popular Sendai beef-tongue specialist, offers nice full-course lunches with options like beef-tongue sukiyaki and tomato-tongue stews. Lunches are served until 5pm, and are generally priced in the Y1500-2000 range. At night there's a good selection of tongue delicacies like spicy tongue tsukune meatballs, tongue tempura with seasonal vegetables and.... [Continue reading]
The excellent fish and seafood served at Ginpei is flown in fresh from two regional fishing ports - Minoshima in Wakayama and Muroto Cape in Shikoku. Matching the impressive level of the seafood is a sake list assembled from craft sake breweries throughout Japan. Much of the menu is devoted to standard izakaya items like tempura, grilled fish and sashimi - simply prepared dishes that.... [Continue reading]
The Umami Burger delivers a giant blast of rich, meaty flavor, more than living up to its name. The signature dish at this California-based gourmet burger shop, it has been carefully crafted from a palette of savory, glutamate-rich ingredients - shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, parmesan crisps, roast tomatoes - that work beautifully together. The "umami ketchup" that comes on.... [Continue reading]

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Craft Beer Bars Japan

The latest listings from our sister site Craft Beer Bars Japan.
Beerich Yeast: Kinshicho
Beerich has all the trappings of a classic old-school Tokyo cocktail bar - the bartenders are decked out in white shirts and vests, and the drinks come with gigantic globes of hand-carved ice. The atmosphere isn't quite as...
New opening - Mikkeller: Shibuya
This Tokyo outpost of the Danish brewery seems to be aimed squarely at craft-beer geeks, with an impressive range of unusual Mikkeller beers and hard-to-find tiny Japanese breweries like Yorocco, AJB and Songbird. Although...
Wagaya: Tachikawa
Deep-fried kushiage skewers go wonderfully well with beer, so the combination of kushiage plus craft beer is an appealing alternative to the insipid mini-pizzas and sausages found at so many bars. Run by Shizuoka-based Ten...
My TaBReW: Tachikawa
With its wildly multinational food menu and over-the-top ethnic-restaurant decor, My TaBReW (aka "My Table") is a fun spot to grab a bite and a drink. And if you're a fan of craft beers, the tap list is well worth...
Rose Hogs: Tachikawa
The main attraction for craft-beer fans here is the tempting selection of more than thirty US bottled beers, from breweries like Fish Tale, Lost Coast and Lompoc. There are also around a dozen Belgian beers by the bottle,...
New opening - Craft Beer Market: Kanda
One thing we like about this craft-beer bar chain, besides the reasonable prices and broad beer selection, is that fact that each branch has its own distinctive food menu. The theme here at CBM's tenth branch is lamb, and...

Where in Tokyo

Find fun things to do between meals, from our sister site Where In Tokyo.
Animal Cafes - Forest of Owl: Tokyo Asakusa
Following the trend of diversifying the population of animal cafes, Forest of Owls features meerkats, snakes, parrots and other small animals in addition to owls. Because of the cafe's setup, though, with just one big room...
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan: Tokyo Ueno
The magnificent main building of this concert hall was completed in 1961 and designed by the Japanese modernist architect Kunio Maekawa. Maekawa apprenticed with Le Corbusier in Paris from 1928-1930 before returning to Japan...
Chiba Institute of Technology: Tokyo Oshiage
Wondering what Japanese robots are up to these days? Find out at the Tokyo Skytree campus of Chiba University of Technology, which is actually just a couple of exhibition spaces located upstairs from the Skytree's...
Samurai: Tokyo Shinjuku
Thousands of maneki neko (good-luck cat statues) fill the interior of this spacious cafe-bar, along with signed covers of jazz albums and underground theater posters. There's a counter and several tables, making this a good...
Horyuji Gallery: Tokyo Ueno
The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures is part of Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park. It houses more than 300 historical artifacts, mainly from the seventh and eighth centuries, which were donated to the Imperial Household by...
Keio Rail Land: Hino-shi
This inexpensive mini-theme park is an entertaining destination for young train fans who still have leftover energy after a visit to Tama Zoo, located just across the road. It's a very hands-on attraction, with several different ....

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