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If you've stumbled onto this page while searching for "giant mechanical crabs" - as so many of our readers do - you're in the right place. We'll also explore a Kanazawa fish market, a tasting cave in Japan's wine country and other fun destinations.


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Our Favorite Fun Links

Food markets, knife shops, and odd culinary destinations
Jonelle Patrick learns the secrets of making fake plastic tempura
Japanese cooking show hosted by a poodle
A very entertaining short video
Photos by Jocelyn Simard

The World of Commerce

Japan Field Trips
Sake brewers dress up for festivals and tastings around the country
Make your own cup noodles at Osaka's instant noodle specialty museum
Yokohama's spectacular noodle theme park
An old brewery in the Nada sake-brewing district of Kobe
A visit to wine country, with a side trip to the rather unique Yamanashi Fruit Museum
Giant mechanical crabs, forty-foot octopi and other commercial enticements from the streets of Osaka
Tokyo Excursions
Pork-cutlet ice-cream parfait? A Meat Museum? It's Japan's first meat theme park.
Where to buy industrial-sized ovens, kitchen knives, and those cute plastic food models
Hot pepper, wasabi, spicy cod roe and 100 other flavors to choose from
Learn about beer making and the history of Sapporo Beer, and try some limited-edition beers in the Tasting Lounge.
Pig's heads, frogs and turtles, exotic spices at Ameyoko's Asian markets in Ueno
Find out how to get there

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Food Markets and Department Store Food Floors
Pastries and sake, miso paste and fishcakes, from one of Kyoto's most luxurious department store food floors
Delicate Japanese sweets, savory crackers, and regional sushi variations at this popular department store food basement
Fresh crabs, grilled fish and oden ingredients from Osaka's legendary railway-station department-store food market
Pickles, yuba (tofu skin) and other Kyoto food specialties at this food-floor basement inside Kyoto station
An introduction to central Kyoto's sprawling food market and the people who shop there
From rice crackers and spices to soy-milk doughnuts - where to go for delicacies in Kyoto's market
A 300-year-old open-air fish market on Japan's northern seacoast
World Food Markets
More than 1500 sausages and meats at the world's second-largest food market.
Cheeses, cold cuts, and enough seafood to keep a Tokyoite happy in Stockholm's oldest gourmet food hall
Hidden beneath the tourist-popular pearl market is a bustling fish and meat market that supplies many of Beijing's restaurants
A makeshift marketplace next to a river-crossing ferry stop in central Bangkok
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