Search tips
for listings in Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe

1) If you're looking for a particular type of cuisine in your city, simply type in the city and cuisine; for example: kobe japanese

2) If you're looking for a particular cuisine, but don't care which neighborhood, simply type in the cuisine; for example: spanish. (Note that this works best for more specialized cuisines, for example tonkatsu rather than just japanese.)

3) If you're looking for a particular restaurant, type in a full or partial name for the restaurant; for example: lois-cafe or just lois.

4) You can also combine the name with the location and/or cuisine to narrow things down; for example: katsuya kyoto (branches of Katsuya in Kyoto) or cafe french (French restaurants with the word "Cafe" in their name, and also cafes with the word "French" in their name).

5) Use a hyphen instead of a space for a two-word search; for example: gyoza-stadium.

6) Adding lunch will narrow down your search to restaurants that are open for lunch, not just in the evening. Similarly, adding sunday will narrow your search to restaurants that are open on Sundays.

7) The search doesn't distinguish between upper and lower case, and ignores quotation marks and words of one letter. It's not necessary to use the word "AND" - all searches look for every word.

8) Special search words: japanese will return izakaya and all types of Japanese cuisine. southamerican (one word) will return Brazilian and all other Latin American restaurants.

9) If you're looking for other content on this website - articles or other features - please use the article search by keyword instead.

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