Bento.com API

Bento.com restaurant/cafe locator API

Use our API to find and display the nearest restaurants, cafes, and/or bars from any location in our coverage area (Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe).

Results are available in plain HTML or JSON-encoded format. Plain HTML is the simplest to use, returning text that's ready for CSS styling and easy to add to a blog or web page.

Here is the list of parameters:
lat, lng: use decimal form, WGS84 style.
language: e* or j.
vtype: all* or bar or cafe or barcafe.
vnum: 5*-20.
platform: web* or mobile or android. ('mobile' is for feature phones, 'android' for smartphones)
photos: yes* or no.
kansai: no* or yes. (optionally returns logo for Kansai Food Page if "yes".)
encoding: none* or json.
apikey: - obtain from bento.com

See some samples below, and check the API demo for more.

Text only:

Text and thumbnails:

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