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Cool things from Japan for your kitchen and home

Hand-crafted Cedar Wood Sake Set
Superb craftsmanship for your table from a traditional carpentry atelier in Akita Prefecture
[US$60, €57]

Cat-themed Japanese bento box
A compact, two-layer Japanese bento box that's microwave-safe and easy to clean
[US$11, €11]

Whimsical Whale Paper Knife from Shikoku Blacksmith Forge
Cute and functional whale-shaped knife embodies centuries of Japanese blacksmith technology
[US$34, €30]

Charming Teahouse-shaped Lunchbox
Evoke the atmosphere of traditional Japan every lunchtime
[US$29, €26]

Traditional Storehouse Bento Box
Pack your lunch in an old-fashioned Japanese kura storehouse
[US$29, €26]

Cat-themed coffee and tea mug from artist Atsuko Matano
A charming way to enjoy your morning coffee
[US$15, €13]

Aerodynamic Shinkansen Pencil Case
This slick-fabric pencil case is a dead ringer for a classic bullet-train locomotive
[US$15, €13]

Japan Postbox Tea Canister
Unique tea canister or pen stand in the shape of a Japanese postbox
[US$15, €13]

Bauhaus-style Bamboo-Lattice Bud Vase
Traditional bamboo craftsmanship meets modern design sensibility in this versatile bud vase
[US$34, €30]

Classic Lacquer Chopstick Rests
This set of lacquerware chopstick rests will enhance any traditional Japanese meal
[US$15, €13]

Farm-style Vegetable-shaped Chopstick Rests
These colorful chopstick rests in the shape of ripe vegetables will brighten up any Asian meal
[US$17, €15]
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