Zebra Coffee & Croissant
Yokohama Shinko: Cafe
Zebra Coffee & Croissant (Yokohama Shinko: Cafe)
Zebra Coffee & Croissant
Open 10am-8pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Zebra is a comfortable spot to relax for an hour or two - you can chat with friends or read a book while enjoying the view of the ships and boats out on Tokyo Bay. People bring bicycles, dogs, babies, dogs in baby carriages - there's plenty of room for everyone in the sprawling open space. An open-air terrace on one end accommodates people with pets, while seats at the other end offer a panoramic view of a bustling docking area for small boats.

Large-size, freshly baked croissants are the focus of the food menu, with savory croissant sandwiches like Tomato (with prosciutto and ruccola), Shrimp Tartar and Beef & Cheese. The menu also features panini sandwiches (Tuna-Basil, Ham-Cheese) and a Croissant Calzone stuffed with mozzarella, salami, tomato sauce and basil.

If you'd prefer something sweeter, dessert croissant variations include chocolate, apple-honey, blueberry-custard and orange marmalade. Croissant Pudding, Banana Bread, seasonal tarts and cookies are other sweet options.

Drinks cover a typical range of espresso beverages along with several types of tea, hot and iced chocolate, fruit juices and Heineken beer. The cafe has a casual setup with no table service - just order at the counter when you arrive, grab a seat wherever you like, then fetch your food and drink from the pickup window when your order is ready.

Yokohama Shinko
Naka-ku, Yokohama, Shinko 1-3-1, Marine & Walk Yokohama Seaside 2F.

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