La Tripletta
Musashi Koyama: Pizzeria
La Tripletta (Musashi Koyama: Pizzeria)
La Tripletta
Open 11:30am-2, 5:30-9pm (LO). Closed Tue, Wed.
Sun: Open Sundays

In spite of their international recognition in the wider world of pizza fanatics, La Tripletta is still very much a neighborhood joint. Decorative tiles and a local wrestling-match poster adorn the walls, while miscellaneous tchotchkes line the counter. An ice-cream display freezer occupies pride of place in the center of the shop.

The pizzas here are proper Neapolitan style, baked in a fancy pizza oven that's fueled by the firewood stacked in one corner. The list is divided into fairly standard red and white pizzas, with more than a dozen of each. The four-cheese is reliably cheesy, perhaps a bit more oily than average, but nicely complemented by the sharp flavors of the house rocket salad.

If you're nearby at midday, the lunch special is a good deal. Y1,600 gets you a pizza, a salad and a soft drink, though there is a small surcharge for some of the more expensive pizza varieties. In the evenings a la carte pizzas range from Y1,600 to Y3,500. The shop is closed on Tuesdays and is open only for dinner on Wednesdays.

Musashi Koyama
Shinagawa-ku, Koyama 3-13-12.

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