Nim's Pizza
Azabu-Juban: Pizzeria
Nim's Pizza (Azabu-Juban: Pizzeria)
Nim's Pizza
Open 11:30am-11pm (Fri, Sat -4:30am) daily.
late: Open late
Sun: Open Sundays

Nim's serves legit New York-style pizzas, with a thin, crisp crust that's pleasantly crunchy around the edges. Toppings are ample, with tempting choices like Italian sausage, pepperoni-jalapeno, mushroom-spinach, and lemon-honey (made with four cheeses). There are even a couple of Sicilian varieties, such as their original "vodka" pizza made with creamy tomato-vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, pecorino romano and basil.

Tables are furnished with proper New York pizza condiments - shakers of red-pepper flakes and oregano, powdered garlic, and bottles of Secret Aardvark pepper sauce. In addition to pizza they also serve chicken - buttermilk fried chicken, chicken and waffles, and Buffalo wings. Drinks options include chocolate egg creams, milkshakes, espresso drinks, cocktails and several different tequilas.

The ground floor has a couple of small tables and four seats at the counter, with larger tables down in the basement. An R&B-heavy soundtrack plays in the background. The shop is open all day, and late into the night on Fridays and Saturdays, and of course everything is available for take-out.

Pizzas start at around Y550 per slice, and two slices are probably big enough for a meal.

by Robb Satterwhite

Minato-ku, Azabu-Juban 1-3-13.

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