Warayakiya Ryouma Tower
Hamamatsucho: Japanese regional
Warayakiya Ryouma Tower (Hamamatsucho: Japanese regional)
Warayakiya Ryouma Tower
Open 4-10pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Tosa cuisine from Shikoku is the specialty at this comfortable, stylishly appointed izakaya. Salt-baked bonito (katsuo), heirloom-breed chicken, premium-grade pork and other local ingredients are grilled over extremely hot straw fires. It's a technique known as warayaki, where the meat or fish is cooked quickly while the aromatic smoke fire imparts a unique and very appetizing flavor.

In addition to the grilled dishes, there's a good selection of local delicacies made with seafood brought in from Shikoku - baby conger eel, Moray eel, kibinago (silver-striped round herring) and of course bonito. Deep-fried kawaebi (river shrimp) are pleasantly crunchy and fresh-tasting.

The otoshi starter here is a beautifully presented bowl of crisp fresh vegetables, served with your choice of four types of dressing, and the morokyu (fresh cucumber with spicy miso) is an excellent follow-up, especially if you're drinking sake.

Drinks include local sake from Kochi Prefecture, Chilean wines, fresh-fruit "sour" cocktails, and fresh-fruit highball cocktails. Budget around Y5,000-6,000 per person for food and drink.

Minato-ku, Hamamatsucho 2-1-7.

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