DRA Stand
Hibiya: Bar
DRA Stand (Hibiya: Bar)
DRA Stand
Open 5-11pm (Sun 4-10) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

DRA is a stylish standing bar serving craft beers, unusual cocktails, pizzas, grilled lamb skewers and other meaty snacks. Twelve taps dispense craft beers like Modern Times Orderville Hazy IPA and Neko Nihiki from Isekadoya, with a good selection of hard-to-find canned beers as well.

While the beer selection is quite solid, the cocktails seem to be aimed more at novelty seekers. There's a lineup of seven "vegetable sours" flavored with beets, celery, carrots, bell peppers and other ingredients more commonly seen in salad bars than cocktails bars, as well as shochu drinks featuring fruit with herbs (peach and sage; mikan and dill) and Earl Grey Tea.

Cocktails are Y500 each, and beers start at around Y700 per glass. Four-part preselected beer tasting flights are priced at Y1,280 and Y1,480 for domestic and imported beers, respectively.

Chiyoda-ku, Uchisaiwaicho 1-7-22, Hibiya Gourmet Zone.
scK1-7-22 JO]

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