800 Degrees Craft Brew Stand
Yokohama Sta.: Beer bar
800 Degrees Craft Brew Stand (Yokohama Sta.: Beer bar)
800 Degrees Craft Brew Stand
Open 10am-10pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Craft beers and gourmet coffee are the main draws at this all-day cafe-bar, supported by a solid menu of artisanal sausages and charcuterie snacks. Seven taps dispense beers from a handful of local-area breweries, including a couple of original brews. Seating options include comfortable booths overlooking the outdoor terrace and stools at the bar or at a spacious communal table.

Sausages, the main specialty of the kitchen, come in four varieties - plain, herb, spicy chorizo, and lamb-beef, with the first three made with locally produced Kadokura Pork. You can order unadorned sausages on their own (Y1,600 for four sausages), or nestled in a hot-dog bun with various toppings like gorgonzola-honey, broccoli-gratin, roast mushroom-basil, and avocado-salsa-cheese. Soup and salad are optional.

Rounding out the food menu are small dishes like Oven-Baked Vegetables with Anchovy Cream, Calamari Fritters, Chili Con Carne, and Corned-beef Smoked Potato Salad. Kadokura Pork Rillettes - buttery and very flavorful - make an excellent side dish and go especially well with the beers here.

Five-part tasting flights are a quick way to explore the draft beer selection. When we visited, flights were made up of two original 800 Degrees beers, two from Shonan Brewery and one seasonal beer. Kawasaki's Tokaido Beer is also on the tap list but not part of the flight.

After you've exhausted the tap list there's also an extensive bottled selection representing Kanagawa-area breweries like Yokohama Brewery, Sagami, Sankt Gallen, Ashigara, Yokosuka, Brimmer and Kamakura Beer - an impressive local roster. Draft beers start at Y680 for a regular-size glass and Y1,000 for a large, while bottles start at Y850.

If you're not ready for a beer yet, the coffee counter offers the usual espresso beverages, plus some exotic cold-brew "Dutch Coffee" options. These include Cold Brew Tonic, French Orange Coffee, and Honey Lemon Cold Brew Float.

Note that if you visit in the evening, it can be a bit tricky getting here - you have to skip the elevator bank at the JR station entrance to the building, and take one of the elevators at the far end of the building. Make sure your elevator stops at the sixth floor.

Yokohama Sta.
Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Minami-Saiwai 1-1-1, NeWoman Yokohama 6F.
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