Harajuku: Retail
Ikea (Harajuku: Retail)
Open 11am-8pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Harajuku Ikea is the first central-Tokyo branch of the Swedish retailer, and local residents will be happy to learn that they stock most of the same imported foods that their suburban superstores carry. Several freezer cabinets are scattered around the shop's second floor, packed with frozen-food favorites such as Swedish meatballs, salmon-cod balls, salmon filets and smoked salmon, mixed-vegetable cakes and mashed potatoes, and tempting desserts like cream cake with almond paste.

Fruit jams, dill crispbread, ground coffee and packs of sliced Emmental and Cheddar cheeses are among the most popular non-frozen foods on offer. Down on the ground floor is a bakery area serving coffee and freshly made croissants and other pastries to go. Next to it is a food section selling a wide assortment of candy bars and soft drinks.

In place of the usual Ikea cafeteria is a mini-cafe where you can order soft tunnbrod (Polar bread) open-faced sandwiches. These come in sixteen varieties, both sweet (caramel-nut; chocolate-berry) and savory (cheese and vegetable sausage; salmon). They're priced from Y150-500 each, depending on the toppings.

Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-14-30, With Harajuku 1/2F.
saJ_{O1-14-30 EBYh 1/2F

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