Burg Tobe-ten
Yokohama Takashimacho: Curry
Burg Tobe-ten (Yokohama Takashimacho: Curry)
Burg Tobe-ten
Open 11am-9:30pm (LO). Closed Sundays.

One of Yokohama's more famous local purveyors of curry rice, Burg is best known for their "Stamina Curry," made with grilled pork belly and your choice of a raw or fried egg. The roux is mildly spicy, the pork is tasty and satisfyingly fatty, and the egg provides the "stamina" while balancing out the flavors. It may not be flashy or modern, but it's quite solid in its execution.

Other curry options include Hamburg steak, sirloin steak, "corn scramble," and a corn-bacon-mayonnaise omelette curry, the last of which is not available for take-out. The dining room is impressively old-school in its decor and atmosphere, giving the impression that you've traveled through a time machine back to 1970s-era Yokohama.

The back-street location feels quite out of the way as well, although it's only a couple of minutes from Takashima subway station. Prices start at Y640, and the Stamina Curry is Y800. The menu includes teishoku meals and take-out is available.

Yokohama Takashimacho
Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Tobecho 7-231-1.

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