Gaienmae: Izakaya
Kogane (Gaienmae: Izakaya)
Open 5pm-12:30am (LO; Sat, Sun -11:30) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

This very hip late-night dining bar near Gaienmae might be the best place in the neighborhood for sake after 11pm. The kitchen specializes in organ-meat dishes, and a glance at the menu reveals a diverse lineup of creative dishes - tempura-fried calf sweetbreads, stewed beef tripe with tomatoes, spaghetti with cod roe, oxtail soup with champon noodles, grilled beef tongue, kakuni braised pork.

There are plenty of salty, sake-compatible snacks as well - seared mentaiko, chashu slices, grilled ray fins, dried mullet roe. The excellent french fries come with your choice of three different seasonings - consomme, seaweed-salt, and truffle-cheese.

In addition to around a dozen seasonal sakes, drinks options include organic-lemon and other fresh-fruit sours, highballs, shochu, Italian house wines and beer. Budget around Y4,000-5,000 for a full meal, or less if you just want a couple of drinks and snacks. Last order is 1:30am on Fridays, 12:30am other weeknights, and 11:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-42-15.

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