Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten
Tsukishima: Sake bar
Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten (Tsukishima: Sake bar)
Tsunematsu Hisazo Shoten
Open 5pm-midnight (Sat, Sun 3pm-) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

If you like sake and you're in the Tsukishima area, this stylish little standing bar is worth checking out for a quick drink and maybe a snack. They offer sake from 54 different brewers, half of them from the Shimane/Tottori region and the remainder from all over Japan. Many of the selections, even from well-known breweries, are unusual and unexpected - this definitely isn't your standard izakaya sake selection.

Simple snacks like potato salad, avocado-cream cheese and niku-jaga seem designed to support your sake drinking rather than stand on their own. Ginkgo nuts coated in mimolette cheese are a subtle combination, milder and less assertive than either mimolette cheese or ginkgo nuts on their own, but well suited to more delicate sakes. Raw turnip served carpaccio style, on the other hand, is much bolder and would be a good match for just about anything on the list.

Sake here comes in easy-to-drink 90ml sizes and is priced at Y380-580, while most snacks are around Y450-650.

Chuo-ku, Tsukishima 1-6-12.

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