Iki Oyster Bar
Tsukishima: Seafood
Iki Oyster Bar (Tsukishima: Seafood)
Iki Oyster Bar
Open 6-9:30pm (LO; Sun 5-8). Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

A compact menu of oysters and seafood starters is served in Iki's stripped-down dining room, where the design aesthetic is industrial loft meets dockside fishmonger. You can choose from seven or eight oyster varieties at any given time, and there's a daily oyster pairing for you to compare and contrast flavors. The drinks list features oyster- and seafood-friendly sakes, a few white wines and beer.

Oysters are served raw with just a lemon wedge, although you can opt for grilled oysters for an extra Y100 if you prefer. Pepper sauce is available upon request. Starters and side dishes are also relatively simple - we enjoyed some artfully presented marinated Giant Pacific octopus accompanied by a fantastic tapenade. Basics like garlic toast, cheesy grissini and a tangy mashed-potato amuse bouche are all perfectly executed.

The ground floor entrance is dominated by ice-filled styrofoam cases of oysters and seafood. You have to climb a narrow staircase to get to the main dining space (watch your head on the way up) where you'll find a small counter-bar area and several two- and four-top tables. The decor is all concrete floors and whitewashed walls, with plain furnishings and rather "hard" acoustics.

Given the limited menu and the lively noise level, this is more of a place to start the evening, perhaps on the way to a monjayaki dinner nearby, rather than an all-night destination. You can enjoy a few oysters, some side dishes and drinks for around Y2000-3000.

(Note that if Monday is a national holiday the shop will be open for business, and close on the following day instead. Cash only.)

Chuo-ku, Tsukishima 1-27-12.

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