Fumoto Akadori
Shibaura: Yakitori
Fumoto Akadori (Shibaura: Yakitori)
Fumoto Akadori
Open 11:30am-1:30, 5-11pm (LO; Sat -10:30). Closed Sunday nights.

This Kyushu chicken specialist offers unusual items like chicken-liver steak and heart steak as well as more typical charcoal-grilled yakitori skewers. The shop is named after the main ingredient used on the grill - a red-colored heirloom-breed chicken from Saga Prefecture. They are also quite proud of their seasonal Saga vegetables, which they ship in directly from small farms in the region.

All the chicken we've tried here has been tender and very flavorful, with excellent skewers of bonjiri (tail), harami (diaphragm) and soriresu (juicy "chicken oyster" next to the thigh joint). Vinegared cabbage is a standard accompaniment to Kyushu yakitori, and the especially tasty version here comes with strips of nori and bits of ginger. Sauteed zucchini provides a refreshing break from the grill - unlike in most yakitoriya, grilling on skewers isn't the only option for vegetables here.

The drinks list features around a dozen types of sake from Saga as well as a variety of shochu, although we found the drinks selection to be less exciting than the food. The atmosphere is quite lively - this feels like a typical after-work salaryman izakaya, and smoking is permitted throughout the dining room.

Seating can be a bit tight - the ideal way to visit would be in a group of three or four at a reserved table rather than being packed in at the counter. Budget around Y3000 for dinner with drinks.

Minato-ku, Shibaura 3-11-10, Etani Bldg B1F.
s`ʼnY3-11-10 G^j r B1F

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