Yadorigi Cafe
Sendagi: Cat cafe
Yadorigi Cafe (Sendagi: Cat cafe)
Yadorigi Cafe
Open 9am-9pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Yadorigi is Tokyo's first "Italian cat cafe," serving coffee and tea, desserts and light Italian fare in a dining room full of cats. You can also order wine by the bottle or glass, unusual Italian craft beers, and cat-themed cocktails like Cat Breeze and Cat Lagoon. There's no entrance fee for the cat cafe, but you do need to order at least one drink and one food item per person when you visit.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner items are served all day long, and prepared by a young chef who recently moved to Tokyo from Italy. Pastas and panini sandwich plates start at around Y1000, while the dinner menu tends more towards wine-friendly snacks like cheese platters and assorted prosciuttos. Desserts include tiramisu and biscotti.

Tea and espresso beverages are priced Y380-750 or so, and French and Italian wines start at Y3500/bottle, Y880/glass, and Y2220/decanter (450ml). Unusual liqueurs include white-chocolate cello and pistachio cello, and an extensive line-up of bottle-conditioned beers from an Italian craft brewery (32 Via dei Birrai) is priced at Y2900 for 750ml bottles.

As for the cats, this is officially a rescue-cat cafe, and there were nine cats ready for adoption during our most recent visit. The cats have free run of the dining room, although many of them like to spend time on the overhead catwalk observing things from above. They may inspect your coats and bags and climb onto your lap if you allow them. Fishing pole toys are provided and cat treats are available.

Taito-ku, Yanaka 3-15-1.

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