Montee 13
Asakusa: Thai
Montee 13 (Asakusa: Thai)
Montee 13
Open 11:45am-2, 5:30-9pm (LO). Closed Tuesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

Very spicy, down-home Thai cuisine is what draws the customers here, with a wide-ranging menu that includes standards like curries, noodles and spicy salads, plus many dishes from the Isan region of northern Thailand. We'd recommend a thorough perursal of the menu (in Japanese and Thai), paying special attention to the page of chef's recommendations.

Most dishes are priced in the Y700-800 range, similar to those popular Thai chain shops in town, but the food is definitely a cut above. If you're not in the mood for beer, Spanish wine runs Y1800 a bottle; budget around Y2500 for dinner and drinks.

(Note: the restaurant was formerly located in an ancient underground arcade next to Asakusa subway station.)

Sumida-ku, Azumabashi 1-7-7.
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Venue listing from Bento.com4 Star Rating: recommended