Akihabara: Beer bar
Ibrew (Akihabara: Beer bar)
Open 1-11pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

With 47 taps, this spacious branch of the Ibrew craft-beer bar chain boasts one of the largest tap selections in Tokyo. Prices are quite reasonable, with almost all beers priced at Y390 and Y690 for medium- and large-size glasses (270ml and 470ml). In addition to local Japanese brews, there's a good selection of imports from respectable US craft breweries like Schooner Exact and Modern Times.

You can choose from a varied selection of bar snacks to go with your beer, ranging from tiny tapas-style dishes (Y790 for three items) to more substantial grilled meats and pastas. While most dishes are fairly average in quality, some are quite good, so it might be worth exploring the menu if you visit regularly.

Some menu highlights include a pleasantly peppery Baked Mac and Cheese, tangy Wasabi Cole Slaw, and garlicky shrimp ajillo, served here on skewers rather than in a bowl of hot oil. The Beef Bavette Steak and home-made Salsiccia were the winners of the Four-meat Combo Platter, and next time around we'll be ordering them a la carte. Ask for Dijon mustard on the side to go with the sausage.

If you're having trouble deciding what to order from the tap list there are tasting flights of three, five and ten beers of your choice. (Tasting portions are 90ml, and flights are priced at Y690, Y1090 and Y1990.) Other beverage options include special cocktails (Smoky Highball, Pepper Tequonic, American Lemonade); mocktails (Virgin Wine Cooler, Kitty Mojito, Hawaiian Lemonade); premium whiskeys; craft gin and tequila shots.

The bar's dining area is bigger than it looks from the outside, with 110 seats as well as a small standing zone up front. The main dining room is furnished with lots of high tables and a couple of small counters, and there are a few cozy-looking smaller dining spaces in the back. Budget around Y2500-4000 if you're having dinner with drinks, or less if you're just stopping in for a couple of beers and a snack.

Chiyoda-ku, Kanda Sakumacho 3-38.

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