Lucite Cafe and Bar
Asakusabashi: Cafe
Lucite Cafe and Bar (Asakusabashi: Cafe)
Lucite Cafe and Bar
Open noon-6pm, 6pm-midnight daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Located in a charming old wooden house overlooking the Sumida River, Lucite is a pleasant place to stop for a coffee break or an early-evening drink after visiting the art galleries in nearby Bakurocho.

Take your shoes off at the entrance, then climb a rather steep staircase to the traditional Japanese-style dining room and outdoor veranda, where you can enjoy the sights and sounds of passing boats on the river, along with rather loud train traffic every few minutes. There's a partial view of the sumo stadium across the river in Ryogoku.

Coffees are priced Y500-600, seasonal tarts are Y400, and Y800 will get you a serving of matcha green tea and a wagashi sweet. After you finish your coffee you can browse the ground-floor gallery area, where pottery and crafts are sold.

Note that the cafe and bar both operate on a very irregular schedule, and alternate between first- and second-floor locations, so check the calendar on their blog, or call (in English) to see when and where they're open.

Taito-ku, Yanagibashi 1-28-8.

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