Azabu-Juban: Retail
Picard (Azabu-Juban: Retail)
Open 10am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

France's popular chain of frozen-food grocery stores (with some 900 locations in their home country) now has several Tokyo branches, where you can stock up on everything from frozen fruits and vegetables to tasty prepared dishes like gorgonzola gnocchi, asparagus risotto and Hachis Parmentier (aka shepherd's pie.). Frozen tarts, eclairs and other dessert items are big sellers, as are the mini-croissants. This Azabu branch shares their location with a branch of the French grocery Bio C'Bon, which offers a good selection of wines and cheeses.

Minato-ku, Azabu-Juban 2-9-2.
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