Platinum Fish
Kawasaki: Beer bar
Platinum Fish (Kawasaki: Beer bar)
Platinum Fish
Open 10am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

The twelve taps at this compact train-station bar dispense beers from Japanese craft breweries like Aqla, Isekadoya and the very local TK Brewing, located just a ten-minute walk from here. (You might have to ask about the TK beer - when we visited it was on tap but not listed on the menu for some reason.) Draft beers are Y710 for a 300ml pour, and they're even available for take-out, with a ten-yen discount no less.

If you have trouble deciding what to drink, a three-glass tasting flight is Y1400 and a six-part flight is Y2500. The small food menu features snacks like potato salad, charcuterie and assorted cheeses, and more filling casual meals like curry rice (Y600). The bar has counter seating for ten people, with room for another six at three small tables.

Platinum Fish also runs a retail shop called Platinum Fish Beer Marche across the passageway from the bar. It's well stocked with around ninety Japanese beers by the bottle and can, but unfortunately retail prices tend to be a bit higher than average.

The bar and shop are located in the "World Alley" section of the Atre mall, along with a branch of the wine bar and retail shop Enoteca, and an excellent sake bar-retail shop called Furumaiya.

Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Ekimae Honcho 26-1, Atre 3F.

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