Sakura Taps
Yokohama Sakuragicho: Beer bar
Sakura Taps (Yokohama Sakuragicho: Beer bar)
Sakura Taps
Open 5-11pm (Sat 3-11; Sun 3-10). Closed Wednesdays.
Sun: Open Sundays

This casual after-work drinking spot dispenses a rotating selection of eight Japanese craft beers on tap, with the occasional import for variety. While there are a handful of tables, most of the crowd here seems to prefer to stand at the bar while they fiddle with their cellphones. The background music varies from mellow vocal jazz to seventies pop.

There's a light food menu of simple small dishes like teppan-grilled chicken with vegetables, roast pork, and seasonal vegetable fritters. Beer comes in three sizes, with medium-size glasses (250ml) priced at Y600-900, while most food dishes are under Y500.

Yokohama Sakuragicho
Naka-ku, Yokohama, Hanasakicho 1-16-1.

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