Ebisu: Australian
Longrain (Ebisu: Australian)
Open 11:30am-3, 5:30-10:30pm (LO) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

With popular branches in Sydney and Melbourne, Longrain serves Australian fusion cuisine inspired by the Thai restaurants of Australia. Rather than attempting to serve a wide variety of Thai cuisine, it seems like the menu focuses on a handful of signature dishes such as Eggnet with Pork and Prawns; Caramelized Pork Hock; and "Crying Tiger" charcoal-grilled beef flank steak.

The somewhat flashy decor, the lively atmosphere and the 39th-floor view are perhaps the main reasons to visit, and indeed there seemed to be several celebratory parties during our weekend lunchtime visit. We opted for a five-course prix-fixe lunch, which came to Y3500 with supplementary charges and included both the Eggnet and the Crying Tiger, along with Pad Thai and ice cream.

The Eggnet dish was the high point of the meal, with crunchy bean sprouts and mint leaves that complemented the pork and shrimp, all served refreshingly chilled. The Y500 surcharge for this dish was a bit of a mystery though - we didn't notice any premium ingredients, and the egg-net topping itself isn't very hard to make.

The beef component of the Crying Tiger - our next dish - was tasty enough (although some pieces were a bit chewy), but the rather tart sauce didn't really add much - we probably would have enjoyed it just as much with simple rock salt. The Pad Thai main dish, which we ordered on our waiter's recommendation, was perhaps the least interesting Pad Thai we've encountered in Tokyo. It didn't even have big prawns to distract from the rather mushy mass of noodles. On the other hand the portion size was huge, and probably would have been enough for both lunch and dinner had we finished eating it.

Ending our meal on a postive note, the fruity ice cream served for dessert was very tasty. Service was friendly, but not as smooth as we'd hope for at this price level.

On the drinks side of the menu there's a big, globe-covering wine list, which includes a few bottles under Y6000, plus a selection of exotic cocktails with names like Red Dragon and Jungle Gin. Prix-fixe dinner menus are Y5500, or you can order a la carte. Prix-fixe lunches are priced Y1300-4800. The restaurant is located on the 39th floor of Yebisu Garden Tower, so there's a nice view at night.

Shibuya-ku, Ebisu 4-20-3, Yebisu Garden Place 39F.
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