Sekai no Yamachan
Asakusabashi: Japanese regional
Sekai no Yamachan (Asakusabashi: Japanese regional)
Sekai no Yamachan
Open 5-11:30pm (LO; Sun -10:30) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

If you're hungry following an afternoon of art gallery-hopping in the Bakurocho area, Yamachan is a fine place to stop in for a quick snack and drink. Spicy chicken wings are the specialty at this Nagoya-based izakaya, and we recommend at least one order (five wings) per person. They also serve budget-friendly deep-fried kushiage skewers of fresh vegetables, meat and seafood, starting at around Y80 per stick.

Taito-ku, Asakusabashi 1-19-1, Shomatsu Bldg 2F.
s䓌󑐋1-19-1 ˏr2F
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Venue listing from Bento.com4 Star Rating: recommended