Meguro: Bar
Another8 (Meguro: Bar)
Open 5pm-1am daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Perhaps it's the chic, modern decor or the DJ booth at the front of the bar, but for some reason Another8 seems to attract a more stylish and cosmopolitan crowd than your typical beer bar. In addition to seven or eight taps of craft beer they also serve a diverse selection of eight well-chosen craft sake on any given day. Another draw is the food, which is several steps up from the usual bar fare.

Although main-course dinner items seem to be limited to ribs, there are lots of enticing tapas-style snacks like roast cauliflower, deep-fried prawns and ratatouille - all of which are very tasty. The eight beer taps dispense a rotating selection of mostly Japanese craft beers, including at least one or two from the up-and-coming Kyoto Brewing Company. (Sometimes one of the taps is devoted to wine.) Beers come in three sizes, ranging from Y700 for a small glass to Y1200 for a pint. Order your food and drinks at the entrance counter and pay as you go.

The interior is tastefully minimalist - more like an art gallery than a beer joint - with a bustling standing area up front and ample seating in back. There's even a tiny bit of outdoor seating, and the front doors and windows are open to the elements whenever Tokyo weather permits. Friday is DJ night from 7-11pm. Another8 is the sister shop of the Before9 beer and sake bar in Kyoto, which has a similar menu and decor.

Meguro-ku, Shimo-Meguro 1-2-18.
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