Sake Lover
Kanda: Sake bar
Sake Lover (Kanda: Sake bar)
Sake Lover
Open 5:30-10:30pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Sake Lover is one of a trio of self-service, non-standing sake-tasting bars in Tokyo; the others are Nomel (also in Kanda) and Bucho featuring Yamachan (near Shinjuku Gyoen). The system is the same at all three - make your reservations online or by phone, pay Y3240 at the door, and enjoy tasting as many of their approximately 100 bottles of premium sake as you wish, all night long.

As with the other sake bars, you can bring your own food from a supermarket or convenience store, or order food delivered to your table from a nearby restaurant. The website is located at if you want to make online reservations (in Japanese).

Chiyoda-ku, Kajicho 2-7-3, Kokusai Bldg 3F.
東京都千代田区鍛冶町2-7-3 国際ビル3F
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