Nishi-Shinjuku: Coffee shop
Verve (Nishi-Shinjuku: Coffee shop)
Open 8am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Conveniently located next to Shinjuku Station's new south exit, this is the first overseas outpost of a California-based coffee roaster with several branches in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The atmosphere is lively, but it's much more relaxed than the rather frenetic branch of Blue Bottle located just downstairs.

Caffienated beverages here come in a bewildering variety of styles, with regular pourover and "quickcup" drip coffee, two kinds of cold-brew iced coffee (regular and "nitrocold brew"), and espresso variations including Gibraltar and "one and one" (a split shot served as both espresso and macchiato). You can choose your favorite beans, of course, or if you're indecisive you can try a tasting flight of three different coffees (Y980).

There are also dessert coffees like raspberry mocha, and a tempting selection of cookies to go with your drink. Espressos are Y450, and pourover coffees start at Y550.

Shibuya-ku, Sendagaya 5-24-55, NEWoMan Shinjuku 2F.

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