Niwakaya Chousuke
Naka-Meguro: Izakaya
Niwakaya Chousuke (Naka-Meguro: Izakaya)
Niwakaya Chousuke
Open 6pm-2am (LO; Sun -10pm) daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Limited-edition seasonal sake is the drawing card at this rather minimalist drinking spot. They bill themselves as a Hakata-style udon-based izakaya, and there's a good selection of tempura, other deep-fried dishes and izakaya standards in addition to the noodles.

Grilled Hakata-style pork was a highlight during a recent visit, as were the morokyu (cucumbers with a very spicy miso-paste dip) and broccoli in anchovy sauce - actually a very garlicky version of a broccoli ajillo. Budget around Y3000 for food and drink. Seating can be a bit tight when it gets crowded. (No English menu.)

Meguro-ku, Kami-Meguro 3-5-29, Nakameguro Koukashita 52.
東京都目黒区上目黒3-5-29 中目黒高架下52

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