Yokohama Yamashitacho: Beer bar
Living (Yokohama Yamashitacho: Beer bar)
Open 5pm-midnight (Sat 3pm-). Closed Sundays.

A comfortable, laid-back bar located near Yamashita Park, Living Craft Beer Bar offers ten Japanese craft beers on draft along with a creative food menu. If you have trouble deciding what to drink, you can opt for a three-glass tasting set of your choosing (Y1000). And unlike many bars, they serve their small-size glasses at around half the price of large glasses, so you're not penalized if you want to try several different beers.

Nostalgic background music is provided by a steady stream of 1980s pop music videos. The food menu, which changes daily, includes some interesting-looking items like spinach-cauliflower au gratin and chicken-kinoko Thai curry, generally priced at around Y600-900 per dish. There's spacious seating at the bar, and a separate back room for parties and groups; all seats are non-smoking.

Yokohama Yamashitacho
Naka-ku, Yokohama, Yamashitacho 24-7.

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