Shibuya: Cat cafe
Mocha (Shibuya: Cat cafe)
Open 10am-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Occupying the top two floors of a modern nine-story building in the middle of Shibuya, Mocha is quite attractively decorated and comfortably furnished, and offers nice panoramic views of the surrounding area. All in all, it's probably the most stylish cat cafe in town in terms of decor and visitor amenities. It's also well populated - there are thirty-three cats on staff, on rotating duty, with a good mix of breeds and personalities and a lot of younger cats.

Cat treats are priced at a hefty Y500 per plate, but they're very effective at attracting everyone's attention; there are also scheduled mealtimes at 10:30am and 7:30pm. Visitors can help themselves to unlimited coffee and tea (for an extra Y350), and there's a selection of cute cat-themed pastries. The admission charge is broken down into ten-minute intervals, so you don't need to watch the clock waiting for your sixty minutes to run out.

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Shibuya-ku, Udagawacho 32-12, Assorty Shibuya 8F.
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