Ekoda: Ramen
Muteppo (Ekoda: Ramen)
Open 11am-3, 6-11pm. Closed Mondays.
Sun: Open Sundays
no smoking: No smoking

Thick tonkotsu ramen is nothing new. You'll find many shops all over the country serving bowls of it. But if you want the thickest, most intense bowl there is, Muteppo is the place to go. The soup is 100% pork bones, boiled for many, many hours. Just watching them stir the giant vats of soup is reason enough to come to this shop.

The tonkotsu ramen (Y780) is good, but do yourself a favor and get the chashumen (Y1030). It's covered with thinly sliced, tender pieces of pork that seem to melt into the soup. In typical tonkotsu fashion, you can specify the level of a few things in your bowl. If asked, just say futsu, it will get you noodles cooked the regular way, the regular thickness of the soup, and a regular serving of green onions on top. If you finish your noodles and want some more, an order of kaedama (Y150) will get you what you want.

Located a bit north of Numabukuro station on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

by Brian MacDuckston
Nakano-ku, Egota 4-5-1.
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