Akebonobashi: Ramen
Gachi (Akebonobashi: Ramen)
Open 11am-3, 5-10pm. Closed Sundays.
no smoking: No smoking

There's no better way to enjoy amazing, housemade ramen noodles than in a bowl of abura soba. Literally meaning oil-noodles, abura soba leaves the soup out, with only some tare seasoning, oils, and toppings. Gachi, part of the Mensho ramen group, has a noodle factory in the back. Depending on the time you go, you might see someone back there feeding sheets of dough through the noodle machine, prepping for the next day.

Go for the regular abura soba (Y690), or if you love chashu go for the chashu abura soba (Y890). An important note with abura soba, you need to mix it vigorously. Mix, mix, mix, then mix some more. All this mixing activates some of the gluten in the noodles, and will make it taste even better.

Eat a bite or two, then add in a few squirts of hot oil and vinegar. Have a couple more bites, and then add in any of the shop's other free toppings. Crispy noodle bits, herb garlic, spicy mayo, and more. This is a fun, messy bowl that really satisfies.

by Brian MacDuckston
Shinjuku-ku, Sumiyoshicho 7-10.
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