Shinjuku: Izakaya
Numata (Shinjuku: Izakaya)
Open 5pm-midnight daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Fans of gyumotsu nikomi can choose three different varieties of stew at this popular specialty izakaya. The soy sauce-based version probably best shows off the individual flavors of the various organ meats, while the miso and extra-spicy miso versions will satisfy those who like a richer, deeper sauce.

The very tender braised beef tongue is also highly recommended, and it's definitely worthwhile to explore the selection of charcoal-grilled beef, beef parts and vegetables. There are two or three premium sake that nicely complement the rich nikomi and charcoaly flavors. Budget around Y2500 for dinner with drinks.

Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-6-3, 2F.
sVhVh3-6-3 2F
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