Tennoji Hachihachi
Otsuka: Akashiyaki
Tennoji Hachihachi (Otsuka: Akashiyaki)
Tennoji Hachihachi
Open 11:30am-midnight daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Akashiyaki, takoyaki and Kansai-style oden are the mainstays at this very down-to-earth drinking spot, which is the Tokyo outpost of an Osaka-based shop. The akashiyaki has a soft and slightly runny consistency, and it tends to fall apart as you eat it. It's served here with red pepper, Szechuan-style sansho pepper, scallions and pickled ginger, with an aromatic hot dipping broth.

Akashiyaki are Y780 for eight pieces, and a bowl of assorted oden is Y880. Cocktails are priced in the Y390-450 range, and regular customers can order a "keep bottle" of cheap shochu and have their name marked on the side of the bottle for subsequent visits. There's an eleven-seat counter and a few small tables in back.

Toshima-ku, Minami-Otsuka 3-53-3.
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