Iidabashi: Gyoza
Okei (Iidabashi: Gyoza)
Open 11:30am-1:50, 5-8:50pm (LO). Closed Sun, 3rd Sat.

This unpretentious Chinese noodle shop has been preparing their famous gyoza dumplings in the same style for some five decades now, with minced pork, chives and bok choy but no garlic. The gyoza are crunchy on the bottom with an otherwise doughy casing, and a very juicy and flavorful filling. There's only one type of gyoza, and a plate of six pieces is priced at Y600.

If you're a big gyoza fan, two orders will make a reasonably sized meal, while a single order is a good-sized snack; you can also opt for a bowl of noodles to accompany your dumplings.

Chiyoda-ku, Fujimi 2-12-16.
東京都千代田区富士見2-12-16 富士見フラワーハイホーム107
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