Neko no Mise
Machida: Cat cafe
Neko no Mise (Machida: Cat cafe)
Neko no Mise
Open noon-10pm daily.
Sun: Open Sundays

Run by a cat-welfare organization, Neko no Mise is a pleasant and reasonably priced place to drop by for a short coffee break or a relaxing afternoon. There are plenty of comfortable seats in the spacious playroom, and the cover charge is calculated in ten-minute increments for short visits, as well as economical three-hour plans. Drink orders are optional, and you can even bring your own lunch bento.

If you're in for the long haul, there's an option for unlimited soft drinks (coffee, tea, soda) from the vending machine for just Y350. A lot of visitors seem to be just hanging out - surfing the internet or reading as well as playing with the 15-18 resident cats. The bookshelves are filled with hundreds of books, magazines and comics for your perusal, and at least one computer is available for visitors, in addition to free WiFi.

Please see our sister site Animal for details and more photos.

Machida-shi, Hara Machida 1-2-9-202.
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